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What past participants say about our program

  • Going to a different country, living with people you have never met before can be a bit intimidating, but by the time one realises the experience he is about to live, everything changes. People in Guatemala made us feel like we are at home. Inlexca is very welcoming and the staff are very helpful with everything you might need. Our host family treated us exactly like family. Guatemala is a beautiful country which deserves to be both explored and hepled by volunteers. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. GO FOR IT.
  • ¨Guatemala was a brilliant way to spend my summer. It was a great learning experience and a fantastic opportunity to meet and bond with people of a different culture, and a great chance to mix hard work with lots of fun¨
    Gavin || Ireland"
  • Some of my duties have included assisting in nutritional workshops in local schools, making house calls with the doctor to pregnant and handicapped women in the village, and assisting during consultations at the health post. It has a been very much a humbling and educational experience"
  • volunteering was always on my to do list and I was glad I had the chance to explore and travel Costa Rica this way. I loved my short time in San Ramon staying with my new family! Thanks to the staff and all the other volunteers for making this such a great experience!
    Hugh || Australia
  • We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we first arrived in Guatemala. It was beyond comprehension the impact that the children we worked with could have on our lives after just 2 short weeks.
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    Dana Selznick and Jenna Sitzer
  • Guatemala is an awesome country with people who are even more awesome! I enjoyed every second being there and made lots of great experiences. Working with turtles was one of the best things I have done in my life.
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    Josie || Germany
  • I really enjoyed the program. I got to live in a Guatemalan family and participate in their daily life. The project was also fun because I could help little kids and teach English and Math

    Felix || Germany
  • ¨I was given the opportunity to visit local areas and get a taste of the country. This was well planned and very appreciated. They were very friendly and told us many thing during the morning. I appreciated that in the afternoon we went to Antigua and they showed us basically everything we needed to know. The hardest thing was to remember everything, because we got a lot of information in one day but other than that day it was very comprehensive in my opinion. Every topic was covered including, safety, health, recommendation etc.¨
    Cormac || Ireland"
  • I had a great time in Costa Rica. The people and the way of living made it easy for me to feel at ease and i soon started to get closer to the culture and to other people - natives and other volunteers. I made a lot of new friends and discovered the kindness of so many people
    Lea || Germany
  • Overall an amazing experience that challenged my perceptions regarding life in a developing country in a positive way. Living with my host family in Guatemala completely immersed me and exposed me to a culture in a way I never would have experienced as a simple tourist...Read more here
    Joe || Ireland"

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