Volunteer projects, faculty led trips and internships

INLEXCA was founded on the principle that volunteers can change the world.

We identify areas of need and projects that would benefit from the input of great individuals willing to give a little of their time to help others. Thanks to your help whole communities benefit from your time here.Central America is a place where your time as a volunteer is much needed and appreciated.

We offer four main programs:

Individual volunteer Programs,

Our volunteer programs are designed to help communities throughout Central America help themselves, and to give our participants a great and fulfilling experience. By volunteering with us you will learn a new language, meet great people and make a long lasting impact on a needed area of the world. We match volunteers with the perfect project where they will use their skills and contribute the most to the developing world. Our volunteer programs are suited for those on a budget who like to travel and help while doing so.

¨Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless.¨ ~Sherry Anderson

Group Volunteering

Designed for groups of over 6 people, this program is perfect for people who have a short amount of time 1-3 weeks and would like to volunteer together in the same project. We design the program based around the most effective use of time and maximum positive impact.

Group volunteering is tailored made for each group and can be in the areas of :



-Medical (if the group has medical background)



Faculty led trips:

Faculty led trips are designed to meet the academic needs of teachers and the expectations of students alike. Taking the class outside of the classroom while keeping students happy, motivated and constantly learning throughout the whole process This type of program can include Spanish lessons, community service and leisure trips . All of this as requested by the faculty. Past programs have been in the areas of:

-Spanish Immersion and culture

-Medical faculty led trips (general, physiotherapy, nutrition, etc)

-Women empowerment

- Micro finance

- Engineering faculty led

- Sustainable agriculture


Where would we be without internships? Internships offer the opportunity to young men and women to gain more experience in an area of their interest. Internships are designed to help interns get the most of out their time by placing them in companies with real world scenarios under supervision. After completion , each intern receives an official certificate by INLEX and by their host company of their time spent at the internship, We strive to place interns in places where they will gain true experience and make great connections for the future. Also interning abroad gives interns a better experience working internationally and in another language.

Design, Management, and Evaluation of Development Projects

INLEXCA´s mission is to strengthen human resources in Central America through volunteer programs, educational tours and internships.

In addition, INLEX/CA provides opportunities to students, professionals, and interested persons from countries outside the Central American region, to better understand the reality and challenges faced by the countries of the region.

We work towards :

-Sustainability in the projects and communities that we work in.
-Programs that promote cultural exchange.
-Safe and affordable programs.
-Strengthening and empowering communities.
-Authentic experiences for our volunteers.
-Facilitating education.

Our office began with former Peace Corps staff in Guatemala in 2005 who wanted to provide flexible programs that would allow prospective volunteers to choose how long and what they wanted to volunteer in. This flexibility gave our participants the option to commit for as long as they wanted unlike other programs that required one or two year commitments. Based on the principle that every volunteer can make a difference no matter how long they helped, we began growing and making communities stronger.

Many years later and many happy volunteers later, we have offices in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua working with key partner projects towards the development of each county.