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If you join the environmental preservation volunteer program in Costa Rica, you will notice that the projects have very clear goals and the country has a very strong sense of awareness when it comes to protecting natural resources. Here are
The sea turtle conservation program is great for volunteers looking to help marine Eco-systems by protecting one of its most vulnerable species as well as spending time outdoors. Sea turtles are endangered due to many factors like pollution, sea turtle
While volunteering in Guatemala we encourage all of our volunteers to travel as much as they can while in the country. For the more adventurous folks we recommend visiting this jewel of in the middle of the Jungle, the Mayan
[two_third_column] Medical Internships abroad: Esther’s story Medical internships or medical volunteering hours are a key to starting your career in medicine. Every year thousands of medical students and pre-med students go abroad to take part in a medical program because