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Travel, learn,and make a difference.

We are here to support you everystep of the way.

We are here to support you everystep of the way.

Join a program with Integrated Learning Experiences and become part of a team of international volunteers and interns working in a variety of exciting projects and companies.
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Meaningful and authentic experiences.

Meaningful and authentic experiences.


Trusted by thousands of participants since 2005


Working since 2005
Integrated Learning Experiences was founded to create a positive impact in the communities that we work in. The philosophy of the organization has roots in the founders’ experience in the Peace Corps and the ultimate goal is to help communities help themselves in the long term.

We are committed to supporting the communities we work in by helping local projects and the local economy.

INLEX evaluates participants, projects, host families, and uses only trusted providers for their programs. By using our local staff’s knowledge and criteria we can establish a safe network of programs within each country.

Our in-country knowledge is key to delivering participants to projects that need it the most. We use local staff and create local employment.

INLEX has been working with volunteers and interns along with designing educational programs since 2005. Our experience and impact are constantly improving our programs.

Projects are carefully matched the participant’s skills. The projects and companies work with a volunteer or intern who will be useful to their goals and participants get useful and rewarding experience. The best match ensures a win-win situation for each party.

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