About Integrated Learning Experiences

Who are we?

Integrated Learning Experiences’ (INLEX) mission is to strengthen human resources through volunteer programs, educational travel and internship opportunities in Latin America and the world.

In addition to this, INLEX provides opportunities for students and professionals to further gain experience in their field of choice by matching participants with the best opening available.

We work towards:

-Sustainability in the projects and communities that we work in.
-Programs that promote cultural exchange.
-Safe and affordable volunteer and intern programs.
-Strengthening and empowering communities.
-Authentic experiences.
-Facilitating education.

INLEX was founded by former Peace Corps staff in Guatemala in 2005 who wanted to provide flexible volunteer programs in Central America. This flexibility allows our participants the option to commit for as long as they want in the area they are best suited to support; creating a positive impact and a rewarding experience.

We do this because we believe in the principle that every amount of help can make a difference.

Many years and happy people later, we continue working with key partner projects to develop strong communities.

When you apply to one of our programs you are making a step towards more sustainable communities, local programs and authentic experiences.