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Ready to travel and explore new opportunities abroad? Find the right program, whether it’s on your own, with friends or with classmates. INLEX offers different programs ranging from volunteer opportunities, international internships, educational travel, volunteering trips and more.

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Volunteer opportunities abroad

Our volunteer program is designed to help communities help themselves and to give our volunteers a great and satisfying experience. By volunteering with us you can learn a new language, meet new people, and make a long-lasting impact where it is needed.

We match volunteers with the right opportunities where they will use their skills and contribute to their program. Our affordable volunteer program is suited to those on a budget who like to have an immersive program

International internship program

Internships are invaluable opportunities for students or young professionals to further their knowledge and expertise in their chosen field, as well as enhance their resumes. The INLEX internships are meticulously crafted to ensure that applicants maximize their time by being immersed in companies and institutions that entrust them with a suitable level of responsibility.

Our primary goal is to match each intern with organizations where they can acquire significant experience and pave the way for career progression. Through our international internship program, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of how this experience can profoundly impact their professional journey. Whether it’s gaining hands-on skills, expanding their network, or broadening their global perspective, the program is designed to provide a transformative experience that can shape their future endeavors. Discover more about the international internship program and the profound influence it can have on your career trajectory.

Group programs

Designed for groups of six or more people, this program is perfect for those who have a short amount of time (usually 1-3 weeks) and would like to work together in the same field. We design the program based on the most effective use of time and maximum positive impact.

We work on these types of group programs:

Group volunteering: Ttailor-made for each group, taking into consideration the group’s requests and the needs of the projects.

Medical groups: Groups of students or professionals in the health field looking to contribute in underserved communities.

Faculty-led trips or educational trips: These trips are designed to meet the academic goals of teachers and to keep students engaged while learning. By taking the class outside of the classroom students experience a different way of learning.

We work with groups from universities, colleges, high schools, corporate groups, and more.

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