Volunteer Teaching English

Teaching English is becoming a more vital skill in Guatemala and Costa Rica as the countries become a bigger and bigger part of the traveler’s bucket list. This means that someone who can speak English will have a huge advantage over someone who can’t when it comes to getting a job in the future. Private schools in Guatemala and Costa Rica already offer a great English education but, the national, rural schools don’t, leaving their graduates on the back foot when it comes to being competitive in the jobs market. By offering your skills as a native English speaker and/or trained teacher, you can really impact on a child’s future in Guatemala or Costa Rica. To check out what our teaching English program is really like, take a look at this volunteer’s video diary below. Once you are convinced, sign up with our short, online application form.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Two female volunteers, local staff and children in a small room with mattresses and beds
Two volunteers with local staff and volunteers on a INLEXCA child care project in Costa Rica

Ever wondered what it is like to volunteer in Costa Rica? Here at INLEXCA we have many different volunteer opportunities to fit your skills, desires and time scale. Fancy volunteering with kids? Well, we have a child care program and a teaching English program that might fit you! What about building or working with animals? We have environment, wildlife or construction programs that could interest you! Or, if you are trained in the business or medical field then working in Micro finance or Health and Medical programs might suit you better!

Whatever you fancy doing, you can find it within our INLEXCA program range in Costa Rica. Not convinced? Why don’t you take a look at this video: volunteers taking you through exactly what they do, day-to-day, in their different projects in Costa Rica!

Once that have convinced you, then please take a look at our website and application form to get your next trip signed and sealed!

Check out what Kyle has to say about his day Volunteering in a Construction program in Costa Rica.

More information on our construction projects here:


Volunteer in Micro Finance

volunteer in micro finance
A volunteer interviewing micro finance clients to see how he can help and support their businesses

In my blog back in October, I spoke in depth about the amazing opportunity to work in micro finance organisations in both Guatemala and Costa Rica, and more recently, I wrote about three high school students who volunteered in micro finance in Guatemala and how good their experience was. We talk a lot about our micro finance volunteering and internship opportunities because they are really sort after and fantastic opportunities to really make a difference. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn about how to run a business, yet it is what they rely on to make a living; which is where you come in! If you have business expertise and a passion to help others, then this is definitely where you should spend your time and resources volunteering! Not convinced? Take a look at this video and see if our previous volunteers can’t convince you! When you are ready to sign up then take a look at our website and fill in our short, online application form.

Turtle Conservation volunteering, Guatemala

Turtle Conservation Volunteering Guatemala
A turtle conservation volunteer with INLEXCA tagging a turtle at the beach

Turtles are very close to extinction which is why it is vital we have volunteers heading to our turtle conservation projects in Guatemala. Our turtle conservation volunteers work with local biologists to assist in turtle studies and protection work along the beautiful beaches of Guatemala. As a volunteer, you would live in basic conditions, working day and night, work including: beach patrols, building hatcheries, protecting and burying eggs and beach cleaning, amongst other things. It is a really rewarding and frankly vital volunteering experience. Unsure? Then take a look at this video of our previous volunteers spending time volunteering on a turtle project in Guatemala. After this, you can take a look at our website and get applying through our short, online application form. See you on the beach!