Seasons in Central America

Winter. Spring. Summer.Fall. Repeat. Right?


In Central America seasons are less extreme and are not so clearly defined as most year weather seems to be mild and the temperature difference is not as polarized as in northern countries or countries in the extreme south. In Central America we have two main seasons : Dry Season and Rainy Season.

Dry Season:

The dry season runs from early November to mid May. During this season very rarely does it rain and clear skies reign from November-February. March and April become the hottest months of the year.

Rainy Season:

This season runs from about Mid May-To Mid or late October. Most mornings are clear and dry and most afternoons it will rain. Most torrential weather is around July to September.

Most volunteers come to Central America expecting hot and muggy weather, while this is true for a large section of the region certain places in Guatemala and Costa Rica have cooler weather. In fact most of our programs in Guatemala are in the Western Highlands where it can get quite chilly at night and early mornings. Also Guatemala and Costa Rica are very mountainous making the variation in weather quite drastic sometimes. In one day you can be in the muggy hot mangroves and in a few hours on cold mountains sipping hot chocolate.

Here’s an average for year :

So remember always check with us on what to bring for your next volunteering adventure !

Wildlife reserve in Costa Rica

wildlife reserve in Costa Rica wildlife reserve wildlife


We at INLEXCA are constantly looking for new exciting projects to work with.

In Costa Rica we found a great project for volunteers that want to work with wildlife and tourism.

This projects works with big wild cats, exotic birds, monkeys and exotic plants. Volunteers applying for this project must love working in the outdoors , not afraid to get their hands dirty and must like talking to people as well. Many tourists from around the world visit the reserve and are amazed at the biodiversity that Costa Rica has.

Duties for volunteers include:

Volunteer Activities:

– Helping with trail maintenance;

– Painting signs;

– Assisting the tourists.

-Feeding the animals.

– Assisting in the care of the animals

-Maintaining the different areas where the butterflies live, the trails and the gardens.

-Cleaning cages

-Helping in gardening tasks
The garden’s staff will train and educate you in the handling of the different species and assisting in tours of the gardens.


Apply now and work hands on in the reserve!