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Are you German and do you have questions about how to travel, want to get excited and inspired and would like to find information on flights or anything else related to traveling? This web page is a great platform to find a lot of useful information on traveling and might be a helpful tool for you.

We are always excited when we get to know new organizations that are dedicated to making life as a traveler and volunteer easier. Today we would like to introduce you to:

People Abroad – travel, discover, outdoor and learn

People Abroad is the online community and database for people traveling, living and working abroad – taking into account global, political, ethnic and intercultural relations and backgrounds. They do have up to date information on job search, travel preparations and share many first hand accounts of various experiences abroad.


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Group volunteering: Nebraska comes to Guatemala

Group volunteering: Nebraska comes to Guatemala

7 eager students and their teachers from the Metropolitan Community College of Nebraska (MCC) have been visiting Guatemala and Inlexca for the past two weeks. Through Spanish classes, Community service and traveling they have spent an unforgettable time in the land of everlasting spring. Their enthusiasm and thirst to learn have led them to get to know in depth Guatemalan culture and its beautiful nature.

As part of their Community Service the group has gotten involved in a local Project in the Community of La Pinada, creating a beautiful art peace right above the entrance door. This Community center was created by a local charismatic Guatemalan that believes in change and especially in the potential of youth. The Community Center has been growing during the past few years and is now an important place for education, art and workshops for children and adults.

The MCC students enjoyed the time they spent in the Community interacting with children and the locals using their recently learned Spanish. In fact, during their stay they have been studying Spanish every afternoon in intensive one to one classes.

Of course, their experience would not have been complete without all the interesting visits to local museums and farms. Also, Guatemalan natural wonders have been explored by the students who particularly remember the unforgettable hike on the active Volcano Pacaya. This excursion was also especially interesting to the few horticulture students of the group that got to study many new and colorful plants.

Group volunteer experiences with INLEXCA are both tailor-made to meet your goals and interests as well as create an impact in the community where you work. The group volunteer program is designed for groups of six or more people who wish to volunteer in the same projects. Please find more information about Group Volunteering on our Web page.




Tips to fundraise your volunteer experience with INLEXCA

Tips to fundraise your volunteer experience with INLEXCA

Are you interested in volunteering with INLEXCA but need a little help financing your trip? No worries, there are many ways to raise money, here are some ideas how to make it happen:

  • Create a campaign on one of the following peer fundraising webpages! It is really simple and can be set up with a few clicks:;;;;
  • Utilize your relationships– think about who you know that could help you. Start by making a list of everyone you know and how they might be able to contribute toward your volunteer goal. For example, if you have a family member who works in a large company, you could ask about being sponsored by them.volunteer posing in front of a wall in a education project
  • Hold a fundraiser! Fundraising events can be fun, creative and inexpensive! For example if you’re headed to Guatemala, make some Guatemalan tortillas, and throw a little potluck for your Friends.
  • If you’re going to write (or type) a fundraising letter, keep it short and sweet, but inspirational. Tell them your motivation, write it as a story.
  • Offer incentives for donating like sending updates on your adventures abroad via email or postcard when you are abroad, or giving a presentation about your experiences when you return.

Here are some links to some web pages with practical fun fundraising tips: