Volunteering over 50

Volunteering over 50

Volunteering abroad is a rewarding and life changing experience at any age. We would like to invite you to get to know Inlexca and the number of volunteer placements which are ideal for the over 50s we offer. These include English teaching, medical and health volunteering, women’s empowerment, wildlife or marine conservation and many more.

volunteering over 50
Volunteer in a Welfare Program in Costa Rica

If you are looking to take part in a responsible holiday, travel some new countries, cross off some items from your bucket list, learn new skill or simply want to help others, we can assist you find the perfect project for your time abroad.

During the past 10 years our organization has placed over 1000 volunteers among which many have been over 50. INLEXCA places a great deal of value on our older volunteers, for with age comes a mixture of experience, skills and patience that younger volunteers often cannot offer. We understand that at any age, at any stage in life, every volunteer has his / her own personal needs and requirements, this is why we design each volunteer placement in direct communication with your volunteers taking into consideration their desires and needs.

Our over 50s volunteering placements are designed to broaden your horizons, expand your mind and heart and create life-enhancing experiences. If you’re inspired by traveling around the world and doing great things to give back to communities as you set your own path, we invite you to get in contact with us.

We are also happy to accommodate you with your family if  you want to bring someone along – children, grandchildren or friends!

Remember, it is never too late to make a difference in the world.

Travel with a purpose: how about Family Volunteering!

Travel with a purpose: how about Family Volunteering!

Family Volunteering
Father and daughter on a volunteer adventure in Costa Rica

If you love your family and would like to stick together even during holidays, want to serve others and experiencing your unique bond through the challenges of traveling- why not considering Family Volunteering? Here at INLEXCA we welcome parents with their children and offer a big variety of volunteer opportunities that are enjoyable for the whole family.

Besides the wonderful benefits to the community you will be volunteering in, there are many benefits for your family to. Research suggests that engaging parents and their children volunteering activities together has important positive outcomes for everyone involved.  Through traveling with a purpose, family volunteering and engaging in a foreign culture, kids and teens have the possibility to cultivate positive values, open their minds and maybe develop a commitment to volunteering both now and in the future. Parents on the other hand get to spend quality time with their children, serving as role models and passing on important values.

Family Volunteering with INELXCA

For families with young children, our Childcare projects are generally the most suitable volunteer placements, as these allow children to become involved and interact with the other children. A Conservation project may also be suitable for families with children who enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind getting their hands dirty! The flexibility of our volunteer abroad programs means you can choose to volunteer for anywhere between 1 week and 24 weeks. This allows you to fit a family volunteer vacation into your children’s school holidays or your working year.

You will have your weekends free to explore more of the host country and local culture. The INLEXCA team can help you planning adventurous, fun and educational trips. Check out our Web Page to get an idea of  projects we work with.

6 things you should ask before volunteering abroad

6 things you should ask before volunteering abroad

You are excited to plan your volunteer adventure abroad, but are overwhelmed by the amount of projects and organizations you encounter in your research and wonder how to choose the most suitable for you? The following 6 questions are intended to inspire you to think about volunteering abroad and might help you to choose the right program for you! Questions you should ask yourself before volunteering abroad:
  1. In what field do I want to volunteer? Begin by making a list of your interest and skills, this will narrow down your search to the projects that are most suitable for you. Here at INLEX it helps us a lot if you know what you are good at since we do place a special effort in assisting each volunteer individually and matching him/her with the right project.  For example if you have a background in medicine, our medical projects in Guatemala might be the right thing for you!
  2. How much time do you have? Some people only have time and money for a short volunteer experience, this is why we do offer programs as short as 2 weeks time. However we do recommend to stay at least a month for you to get the real experience in your project placement, we do also have a few projects where a 4 weeks commitment is required.
  3. What do I know about the country? It is always helpful to get familiar with the culture and language of the country you are going to visit. Here at INLEXCA we do provide our prospective volunteers with all information needed to get ready and excited about your trip- including a pre-arrival information packet and a volunteer orientation when you arrive.
Questions to ask the organization before volunteering abroad
  1. What does my program fee cover? Of course you do want to know where your fees go and what is included in your program. This information has to be clear and easily accessible to you. A good volunteer program has a detailed breakdown of their program fee on their website. Fees at INLEXCA directly cover the cost of hosting you, including your home stay accommodation, meals, airport pick-up, orientation and 24/7 staff support. A portion of that fee also goes toward administrative expenses, like marketing and recruitment.
  2. Are there testimonials from former volunteers? Reading about volunteers that have been in the program is always helpful to get an idea about the experience. At INLEXCA we can even connect you with former volunteers if it helps you to decide about the program you would like to volunteer in.
  3. How does a typical volunteering day look like?Before you choose a project it is important for you to get to know your responsibilities and activities on a daily basis. On our WebPage you can find a detailed list of possible activities you will be doing in each of our project listed, of course it can vary depending on your strengths and interests.
Have more questions about volunteering abroad? Contact us through info(at)inlexca.org and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Group volunteering- Women empowerment

Group volunteering- Women empowerment

5 (brave) men and 2 girls came all the way from Spain to volunteer with INLEXCA and work in various comWomen empowermentmunities around Antigua Guatemala in the field of women empowerment. These dedicated and vibrant volunteers are giving talks and workshops to women groups during 3 weeks  across different local organizations.

Their workshops are designed to give Guatemalan women the tools and information they need to become more empowered, believe in themselves and thrive. This is particularly important in a male dominated society where “machismo” is wide spread. In each location the group is giving a series of 3 informative and interactive workshops, each one building on top of the other. These workshops focus on self-esteem, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to that the group is also working in workshops on gender equality with children inspiring them to eliminate “machismo” stereotypes. The volunteer group is energetic and motivated – you can sense that each workshop is well prepared, informative and fun. Group volunteering

Of course a trip wouldn’t be complete without a little travel on the weekends, which the group has been doing extensively. The magical Lago Atitlan and Tikal have been on top of the long list of places to visit and adventuring around the country is adding extra spice to their volunteer experience.

The group finds their motivation to volunteer in women empowerment through volunteering in a sustainable project, getting to know a completely different country and working towards gender equality through education.

At INLEXCA we are always happy to welcome groups and individual volunteers who want to work towards women empowerment. Drop us a line to find more about how you can volunteer in one of our women empowerment projects.