pre-med volunteer program abroad

Why join a pre-med volunteer program abroad Everyone has been there. I am talking about the beginning of their careers. The pre-med volunteer program provides opportunities for people that are starting in the health field and of course people on the pre-med career path. What is exactly pre-med? The pre-med stage is where people interested […]

Why to volunteer as a senior abroad?

Why should you volunteer abroad as Senior? Many people think that volunteering abroad is for young adventurous people trying to gain perspective on the world. While this is also true, volunteering programs abroad are also a great fit for seniors. This is because of their time availability, experience, good criteria, and enhanced empathy. Here are […]

Managing Culture Shock during your Volunteer Abroad Program

From the time I was 14 through 23 I was fortunate enough to participate in 11 international volunteer and intern abroad programs. Although each of these volunteer programs were in a different country (and yes, I absolutely have my favorites) the adaptation to a new daily schedule, host families, co-volunteers, local supermarkets and volunteer program […]

Volunteering over 50

Volunteering over 50 Volunteering abroad is a rewarding and life-changing experience at any age. We would like to invite you to get to know Inlexca and the number of volunteer placements which are ideal for the over 50s we offer. These include English teaching, medical and health volunteering, women’s empowerment, wildlife or marine conservation and […]

Interning Abroad in Business: Micro Finance

One of our most popular intern programs is the business internship in microfinance in Guatemala. Interns going into this field are usually from the field of finance, business or IT, but this is not limited to other related fields. INLEXCA partners with various Micro finance organizations that aim to help small entrepreneurs that are unable […]

Volunteering and Teaching Abroad

Many volunteers come every year to our education program to help students in low-income communities. The most common question from volunteers is “What am I going to be doing?”.We pair each volunteer at a school that will benefit from his/her knowledge; the profile of each volunteer is different, some might be good at music, or […]

Environmental Policy in Costa Rica – A Move in to the Future

If you join the environmental preservation volunteer program in Costa Rica, you will notice that the projects have very clear goals and the country has a very strong sense of awareness when it comes to protecting natural resources. Here are some interesting facts on how Costa Rica is becoming a world leader in environmental preservation […]