Jooble jobs

If you are a recent graduate of high school or an intern and are actively looking for a new job, there are some essential decisions you need to make first. What industry and position do you prefer? Where do you want to find a job: in your current location or ready to relocate, to a […]

Seasons in Central America

Winter. Spring. Summer.Fall. Repeat. Right?   In Central America seasons are less extreme and are not so clearly defined as most year weather seems to be mild and the temperature difference is not as polarized as in northern countries or countries in the extreme south. In Central America we have two main seasons : Dry […]

Volunteer Teaching English

Teaching English is becoming a more vital skill in Guatemala and Costa Rica as the countries become a bigger and bigger part of the traveler’s bucket list. This means that someone who can speak English will have a huge advantage over someone who can’t when it comes to getting a job in the future. Private […]

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Ever wondered what it is like to volunteer in Costa Rica? Here at INLEXCA we have many different volunteer opportunities to fit your skills, desires and time scale. Fancy volunteering with kids? Well, we have a child care program and a teaching English program that might fit you! What about building or working with animals? […]

Check out what Kyle has to say about his day Volunteering in a Construction program in Costa Rica. More information on our construction projects here:

Volunteer in Micro Finance

In my blog back in October, I spoke in depth about the amazing opportunity to work in micro finance organisations in both Guatemala and Costa Rica, and more recently, I wrote about three high school students who volunteered in micro finance in Guatemala and how good their experience was. We talk a lot about our […]