Group Volunteering: Chile comes to Guatemala!

[h4a]“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

H Jackson Brown Jr. [/h4a]

A group of volunteers in a museum
A group of volunteers from Chile visiting one of the museums in Antigua Guatemala called Casa de los Gigantes



We have a wonderful group of volunteers with us in Guatemala at the moment, all the way from La Pintana in Chile. A group of high school students who were given the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and represent their country, town and school because they are the high achievers in their class.

And what a group they are! They are with us a month in total and have already finished two weeks of their experience; the time has flown by for us!



A group of people on top of a volcano
A group of INLEXCA Chilean volunteers climbing active volcano Pacaya



During their first week they received their orientation, moved into their new homes with their local families for the month, learnt how to make some traditional Guatemalan dishes and learnt how to make amazing things out of recycled materials. On Saturday they climbed Pacaya, an active volcano and roasted marshmallows on the hot rocks!





A group of Chilean volunteers stood with a group of Guatemalan youngsters
Sharing time with a group of Guatemalan youngsters. As part of their program they each did a presentation about their country and culture.


Week two started with a presentation to a group of youngsters about all the fantastic things Chile has to offer. They loved hearing about the culture and history of Chile so much that when they were tested at the end in the form of a quiz, they aced it!

After this they went to Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala and visited some museums and the national palace and learnt about the history and struggle that Guatemala has suffered in its past. They also got to teach the locals how to cook like a Chilean!





A group of volunteers standing behind a recycled table and chairs

This group of youngsters is really enjoying their time here and taking full advantage of their trip.
Before they arrive, we ensure that their exact needs are taken care of and we produce their itinerary around their needs and desires for the trip. Keep tuning into our blog to see what else they get up to!

If you would like to organize a study abroad or faculty-led group volunteering trip to Guatemala for you and your chosen group, please contact us now for your very own, customized itinerary!