Environmental Policy in Costa Rica – A Move in to the Future

environment policy Costa Rica If you join the environmental preservation volunteer program in Costa Rica, you will notice that the projects have very clear goals and the country has a very strong sense of awareness when it comes to protecting natural resources. Here are some interesting facts on how Costa Rica is becoming a world leader in environmental preservation and what they are doing to improve.

1. Renewable energy:
Over 95% of energy comes from renewable sources. Most energy comes from hydroelectric stations and geothermal stations.

2. Carbon Neutral:
By 2021 Costa Rica has pledged to be a carbon neutral country. When volunteering in the environmental program you will notice that there is a big commitment to reforestation as this pledge is mostly being reached by planting native species of trees at a great scale.

3. Parks:
Over 30% of Costa Rican territory is being used for national parks and wildlife reserves.

environment policy

4. Incentives:
Farmers that own vast amounts of land are paid not to cut down patches of forest, thus creating an incentive to preserve Costa Rican forests. In fact, many reserves are private.

5. Volunteers:
Volunteer programs in Costa Rica are available everywhere in wildlife reserves and parks. Many Costa Rican volunteers every year to help in various national parks.

6. Emission controls: Costa Rica is the only country in Central America that requires strict emission controls for all of its vehicles.