Exploring the Mayan ruins of el Mirador – A Brief Overview

While volunteering in Guatemala we encourage all of our volunteers to travel as much as they can
while in the country. For the more adventurous folks we recommend visiting this jewel of in the
middle of the Jungle, the Mayan Ruins of el Mirador.

Why go there?

If you truly love adventures, going to el Mirador is a must. El Mirador boasts “La Danta”the largest
pyramid of the Mayan civilization with a bigger volume than the Egyptian pyramids! .

Not totally uncovered El Mirador has mystic feel to it , as opposed to other parks that have been turned
in to more popular archaeological sites.

El Mirador is unlike anything we have visited before, along the hike you will see many wild animals
including toucans,foxes, coaties and more. The hike itself is challenging but quite worth it. The Mayan
ruin complex is amazing with a nice mixed of dug structures and untouched ones. The most amazing of
all the structures is the massive pyramid of La Danta, that travelers can go up to and gaze at the sunset
in a very untouched and magic environment.

The park rangers are very knowledgeable and helpful and will gladly show you other parts of the

volunteering in Guatemala

How many days will you need?

When you are volunteering in Guatemala, most of your week is spent working at your project so this
trip is better off after your project work or during a long holiday.

We recommend at least a week , the hike itself is 4 or 5 days depending on your pace .

Day 1-Travel to the city of Flores
Day 2- Transport to Carmelitas village
Day 3- Hike to Mayan Complex el Tintal . Camp out at el Tintal
Day 4 -Hike to Mayan complex el Mirador.Camp out at el Mirador
Day 5-Time to Explore el Mirador.Camp out at el Mirador
Day 6-Hike back to Carmelitas. Over night stay or camp in Carmelitas.
Day 7- Transport from Carmelitas to the city of Flores

How to get there?

While you are volunteering in Guatemala, you will be lodged around Antigua Guatemala. We
recommend booking the hike in advance either from Antigua and/or a reputable tour agency. There is
also the option to book this hike once in Flores, which is the starting point for this adventure.
To get to the city of Flores first as it will be your starting point for this adventure. The city of Flores
can be reached by bus or shuttle from Antigua Guatemala in about 10 hours or it can be reached by
short 45 min flight from Guatemala city.

Once you have booked your guided tour you are set to go. I would not recommend this hike on your
own as the logistics are quite daring. The tour will assure you have water, food, tents, and support
through the trip.

Mayan ruins of el Mirador

A few things to consider:

• Go during the dry season(late Oct-May), unless you like hiking in really tough and muddy
• Mosquito repellent is your friend.
• Boots are must. Bring an extra pair of shoes or sandals to walk around el mirador as most likely
your boots will be very muddy and dirty
• There is no water in the hike, so you must bring all of the water for your trip. The good thing is
that if you booked a tour your guide will most likely have a donkey where you can carry your
• Bring red-filters for your lamp and backup lamp. It’s good if you spot some wildlife and don’t
want to scare them off.
• Bring a first aid kit. There is nothing on the hike.
• Hydration is key as the jungle can get very hot, so bring some hydration salts that you can mix
in your water.
• Pack as light as you can.
• If you booked a tour, they will give you food, but bring some extra as there are no stores on the
whole trek.