Group volunteering- Women empowerment

Group volunteering- Women empowerment

5 (brave) men and 2 girls came all the way from Spain to volunteer with INLEXCA and work in various comWomen empowermentmunities around Antigua Guatemala in the field of women empowerment. These dedicated and vibrant volunteers are giving talks and workshops to women groups during 3 weeks  across different local organizations.

Their workshops are designed to give Guatemalan women the tools and information they need to become more empowered, believe in themselves and thrive. This is particularly important in a male dominated society where “machismo” is wide spread. In each location the group is giving a series of 3 informative and interactive workshops, each one building on top of the other. These workshops focus on self-esteem, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to that the group is also working in workshops on gender equality with children inspiring them to eliminate “machismo” stereotypes. The volunteer group is energetic and motivated – you can sense that each workshop is well prepared, informative and fun. Group volunteering

Of course a trip wouldn’t be complete without a little travel on the weekends, which the group has been doing extensively. The magical Lago Atitlan and Tikal have been on top of the long list of places to visit and adventuring around the country is adding extra spice to their volunteer experience.

The group finds their motivation to volunteer in women empowerment through volunteering in a sustainable project, getting to know a completely different country and working towards gender equality through education.

At INLEXCA we are always happy to welcome groups and individual volunteers who want to work towards women empowerment. Drop us a line to find more about how you can volunteer in one of our women empowerment projects.