International Internship with INLEXCA

International Internship with INLEXCA

Are you recently graduating and would like to gain some work experience or are you a student and required to do an internship for your studies? How about considering an international internship in Central America!

Through project-based internships abroad, you can build a strong resume, experience foreign work cultures first-hand and build a global network to support your professional growth.

International InternshipOne of the most popular reasons to intern abroad is to gain professional experience. Our Internship programs place you in real-world work scenarios, matching the position to your  interests or field of study. This way, you can develop professional knowledge of a field you might pursue in the future. For instance, here at INLEXCA we do offer medical interns to work in rural medical posts where they work alongside with doctors and nurses and gain first hand experience in treating patients and what it is like to be a doctor.

Another reason to do an internship abroad is that it could be a great way to acquire skills and knowledge that can be useful in the modern workplace, like learning to be flexible and open minded. You also might develop useful soft skills, such as communication, project management and more which you can test drive within your trip and then implement once you return home.

Of course we have to mention that interning abroad with INLEXCA is a perfect opportunity to study Spanish and practice your language skills. You could take an intensive one to one Spanish class for a few weeks during which you would learn specific language skills you need for your intern position.International Internship with INLEXCA

The best about our intern abroad programs is that you can combine the possibility of gaining professional experience with traveling and having a great adventure.

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