Interning Abroad in Business: Micro Finance

One of our most popular intern programs is the business internship in microfinance in Guatemala. Interns going into this field are usually from the field of finance, business or IT, but this is not limited to other related fields. INLEXCA partners with various Micro finance organizations that aim to help small entrepreneurs that are unable to get loans from banks or traditional sources. These small entrepreneurs not only get a competitive loan that fits their needs but also get important training, business intelligence and follow-ups to make their efforts sustainable.

By interning abroad in Guatemala in business you can help these small entrepreneurs by making case studies of their businesses and advising them on how to get the maximum return out of their loan. Interns that are particularly well qualified can help inside the organization in the fields of automation, accounting, data analysis, and strategy.

Also micro finance organizations help people who need a loan avoid loan sharks or high rate loans which are far too common in Central America.

Interning abroad in business: Micro finance

Interns helping clients are tasked with:

-Basic financial literacy training: A lot of the clients that request a loan have very vague knowledge of how to keep a healthy business running in the long term. Interns can train clients in tools like :
balancing sheets, separating personal and business funds, evaluating risks, etc.

-ROI: Interns can help clients evaluate return on investment with limited resources so they can make the right choices as to where to which aspects are more important to invest in.

-Marketing: An area where clients are usually in need of help is proper marketing techniques. Interns can help business thrive with proper marketing advise.

More experienced interns can also have the opportunity to get involved with bigger businesses taking out larger loans. If you have business knowledge, I.T knowledge or marketing experience the business intern program in Guatemala is a great way to gain experience with real clients and businesses.