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Medical Internships abroad: Esther’s story

Medical internships or medical volunteering hours are a key to starting your career in medicine. Every year thousands of medical students and pre-med students go abroad to take part in a medical program because of:


  1. Hands on experience:  Not every medical internship is the same. In Central America qualified interns are usually given more tasks and responsibility than in their home country. This is due to the amount of patients and lack of extra qualified personnel.
  2. Spanish: A lot of interns and volunteers come with the idea of improving their Spanish. This is very important to interns coming from the U.S  as the amount of Spanish speaking patients rises each year.
  3. Cost: The cost can be important when choosing an internship abroad. Luckily the Central American region has  low cost of living making making  the programs affordable.
  4. Other conditions: Medical interns find that a lot of the conditions that they treat in Central America are conditions that they would rarely find in a developed country, so the experience to treat this conditions adds an extra layer of learning.

Don’t take our word for it, see what Esther has been doing in her medical volunteering trip in Guatemala.