Medical volunteering abroad

Medical volunteering abroad

Are you a doctor, physical therapist, dentist, nurse or other healthcare provider that wants to travel and serve a community ? Are you a pre med student or aspiring medical professional looking to enhance your skill set and/or gain first hand experience in Central America through a medical volunteer abroad trip?

If this applies to you, medical volunteering may be the perfect way for you to volunteer abroad putting your specialized skills to use!

Medical volunteer abroad trips can be extremely rewarding and an unforgettable experience!

Here at INLEXCA to participate in a medical volunteer abroad program, you don’t necessarily have to have a medical degree, but you do need to be at least enrolled in medical school.

In Central America low income communities have very limited access to good health services and medical volunteers play an important role in health projects. Access to good medical services and treatments is one of the main reasons why people get stuck in poverty. Not being offered free medical help can stop you working, saving, paying for education and attending school. INLEXCA partners with rural clinics that provide free or very accessible services where volunteers can work with local doctors and nurses.

Depending on your experience in the medical and health field , the level of responsibility and involvement during your volunteer placement will vary. Typical activities you could perform are:

  • Conducting health and hygiene workshops in rural schools.
  • Helping doctors by measuring patients vital signs.
  • Helping doctors and nurses with daily tasks at clinics.
  • Helping in state pharmacies to provide services.
  • Participating in medical outreach campaigns if one coincides with you service time.
  • Teaching indigenous families in rural areas about basic health measures and nutrition.

Did we wake your curiosity ?!But still are not convinced yet? Get inspired by this VIDEO of two medical volunteers in Guatemala and their testimonial!