Short term vs long term volunteering

Short term vs long term volunteering

When you decide to volunteer, time is an important factor.

Do you have only a few weeks time or  are you thinking about doing a whole gap year?

At Inlexca some volunteer jobs only require a helping hand for a few weeks, while others need your commitment for few months or even a whole year. Volunteering with Inlexca is flexible and can be adapted to any needs.

Short term volunteering is accessible for busy full-time employed people or students that have only a few weeks time. It also allows a more flexible schedule in which you can fit several trips to different places. Short time volunteers usually work in a specific Project designed to have an immediate impact on the community they are working with. Short term volunteeringFor volunteers with little time we recommend to choose a type of activity that doesn´t require a lot of initial training, it might also be helpful to learn as much as possible about the country prior arrival.

If you decide to do short term volunteering at Inlexca you can work for a minimum of 2 weeks in childcare, you can teach in local schools or can help in wildlife projects.

As a long term volunteer you will have a lot of time to get to know the project you are working with and will be able to see the changes it makes over time.  To make your volunteer experience successful we recommend to choose carefully your position and to try to keep an open and proactive attitude the entire time.

As a long term volunteer you have plenty of possibilities to get involved. You can long term volunteeringwork in  Women Empowerment or have an impact in Micro Finance. If you are a health professional you can work in Health and Medical programs or share your knowledge in Physiotherapy. Environmental preservation is also a popular choice which requires a minimum of 4 weeks commitment.

Deciding on a volunteer position is a very personal thing and it depends of a wide array of factors. Either way you decide, if  short term or long term volunteering , we are convinced that it will  be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Ox carriage Parade in Costa Rica

OX parade in Costa Rica

Ox carriage ParadeEvery year many farmers from around San Ramon de Alajuela in Costa Rica come to downtown San Ramon to participate in the traditional parade of “Carretas” or carriages. These are not typical carriages. These meticulously decorated ox drawn carriages take a long time to complete due to their complex designs and methods. Farmers not only show off their carriages but also their best oxes.

Some of our volunteers in Costa Rica participated in this colorful parade and were able to take even ride the carriages!



Ox carriage Parade in Costa Rica


5 reasons to volunteer abroad

­Benefits of Volunteering

Nowadays, you see that more and more people are focused on Volunteering and the idea that they have to do something positive as well. Some persons volunteer in Latin America, others choose Africa or Asia. One thing is sure, there are many reasons why people tend to Volunteer abroad, and here are some of the best!

It makes a difference

One of the reasons people Volunteer abroad is because they know they can make a difference. Even a single individual can move mountains with the right approach. So, going to a place where more workforce is needed can quickly make a difference.

You get to socialize and interact with new communities

Aside from being a great tool to help people, Volunteering is also about helping you socialize and meet new people. Sometimes, you just want to Volunteer abroad because you want to make a major difference. You want to do all in your power to take things to the next level, and that will work incredibly well in the end. Plus, when you Volunteer in Latin America you can make new friends, and that can bring you all the fun in the worlds. After all, bonding with other people is what takes our life to the next level.

Various mental and health benefits

Sometimes, visiting a new location is good for your body. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone and you can work out more, especially if you are a desk worker. When you volunteer abroad, you can also develop emotional stability and boost the self-esteem in a rather unique and distinct manner. Also, studies have shown that people who volunteer get to live longer, deal with fewer diseases and they have better health as a whole. In fact, those that volunteer more than 100 hours per year are some of the healthiest people out there!

You get to understand the world and change your perspective

Living in an individual country will always bring in front a distinct perspective on life. But you should Volunteer in Latin America, and your perspective will change drastically. Why does that happen? The reason is simple, you get to see underprivileged communities, what affects their life and you can quickly make a change.

Is helps you grow as a person

You can’t figure out the other aspects that life can bring unless you see it with your own eyes. Aside from allowing you to show your gratitude when you Volunteer abroad, you get to understand why life is the way it is and how hard it can be for some people to live on their terms.

So, should you volunteer in Latin America? Of course, this can make your life extraordinary, and it also provides some fascinating possibilities for you. Being able to visit a new location, interacting with people and so on can quickly provide a new perspective on your life. So, it’s well worth it to focus on Volunteering, as it can be the best thing for you!

Why intern abroad?

­International Internships: a smart way to start your career

When you are young and don’t have a lot of experience on the job market, it can be a magnificent idea to opt for an internship. This gives you one of the best ways to boost your career and take it to the next level. But are they efficient or not? Should you enroll in International Internships?

The primary benefit you get from Internships abroad is that you can see the issues found on our planet. You can get an insight into how to solve them. This allows you to grow as a person and it also boosts your career. Basically, you get to find solutions for world problems. You also learn how to be creative and how to adapt in the world. This is extremely important, and it can provide you with a great set of resounding benefits for that reason alone!

On top of that, Internships abroad make it easy for you to evaluate various companies before you start working there. If you find it hard to figure out where you want to work after you finish school, the International Internships can be a great idea in this regard.

Moreover, Internships abroad allow you to meet new people and boost your communication skills. You also have the ability to increase your self-confidence at the workplace. It’s hard to find workplace confidence when you just get your first job, but Internships allow you to get the job done faster and better than ever before.

Aside from that, you also have the opportunity to fund your college education and improve your career. You acquire perspective, skill development, experience, supervision, academic credit, earnings and so on. These are all benefits that you want to get from an Internship, and thankfully you can get all of that with some incredible results in the end!

Not only that, but an internship allows you to increase opportunities to acquire a new job. From here to getting the job you always wanted and boosting your career to some new heights, it will be just one minor step. It is something amazing, and the value can indeed be incredible because of that.

Internships abroad can also help you improve your lifestyle. They allow you to reach a new level of professionalism and you will get to be more focused on your day to day life too. These help bring in front new possibilities for you and your life will be better because of that.

You just have to know how to approach all of this, which may seem to be a bit challenging at first. But it’s not impossible at all. The best international Internships will help you find a new way to boost your career, and they will help you broaden your perspective when it comes to the day to day life. This will certainly be worth it, as it’s the one true way to improve your overall results and take your life to the next level! Just consider all of that, and you will not be disappointed with the career boost you get for the long term!


more information on how to intern with us here.

Seasons in Central America

Winter. Spring. Summer.Fall. Repeat. Right?


In Central America seasons are less extreme and are not so clearly defined as most year weather seems to be mild and the temperature difference is not as polarized as in northern countries or countries in the extreme south. In Central America we have two main seasons : Dry Season and Rainy Season.

Dry Season:

The dry season runs from early November to mid May. During this season very rarely does it rain and clear skies reign from November-February. March and April become the hottest months of the year.

Rainy Season:

This season runs from about Mid May-To Mid or late October. Most mornings are clear and dry and most afternoons it will rain. Most torrential weather is around July to September.

Most volunteers come to Central America expecting hot and muggy weather, while this is true for a large section of the region certain places in Guatemala and Costa Rica have cooler weather. In fact most of our programs in Guatemala are in the Western Highlands where it can get quite chilly at night and early mornings. Also Guatemala and Costa Rica are very mountainous making the variation in weather quite drastic sometimes. In one day you can be in the muggy hot mangroves and in a few hours on cold mountains sipping hot chocolate.

Here’s an average for year :

So remember always check with us on what to bring for your next volunteering adventure !

Wildlife reserve in Costa Rica

wildlife reserve in Costa Rica wildlife reserve wildlife


We at INLEXCA are constantly looking for new exciting projects to work with.

In Costa Rica we found a great project for volunteers that want to work with wildlife and tourism.

This projects works with big wild cats, exotic birds, monkeys and exotic plants. Volunteers applying for this project must love working in the outdoors , not afraid to get their hands dirty and must like talking to people as well. Many tourists from around the world visit the reserve and are amazed at the biodiversity that Costa Rica has.

Duties for volunteers include:

Volunteer Activities:

– Helping with trail maintenance;

– Painting signs;

– Assisting the tourists.

-Feeding the animals.

– Assisting in the care of the animals

-Maintaining the different areas where the butterflies live, the trails and the gardens.

-Cleaning cages

-Helping in gardening tasks
The garden’s staff will train and educate you in the handling of the different species and assisting in tours of the gardens.


Apply now and work hands on in the reserve!



Volunteer Teaching English

Teaching English is becoming a more vital skill in Guatemala and Costa Rica as the countries become a bigger and bigger part of the traveler’s bucket list. This means that someone who can speak English will have a huge advantage over someone who can’t when it comes to getting a job in the future. Private schools in Guatemala and Costa Rica already offer a great English education but, the national, rural schools don’t, leaving their graduates on the back foot when it comes to being competitive in the jobs market. By offering your skills as a native English speaker and/or trained teacher, you can really impact on a child’s future in Guatemala or Costa Rica. To check out what our teaching English program is really like, take a look at this volunteer’s video diary below. Once you are convinced, sign up with our short, online application form.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Two female volunteers, local staff and children in a small room with mattresses and beds
Two volunteers with local staff and volunteers on a INLEXCA child care project in Costa Rica

Ever wondered what it is like to volunteer in Costa Rica? Here at INLEXCA we have many different volunteer opportunities to fit your skills, desires and time scale. Fancy volunteering with kids? Well, we have a child care program and a teaching English program that might fit you! What about building or working with animals? We have environment, wildlife or construction programs that could interest you! Or, if you are trained in the business or medical field then working in Micro finance or Health and Medical programs might suit you better!

Whatever you fancy doing, you can find it within our INLEXCA program range in Costa Rica. Not convinced? Why don’t you take a look at this video: volunteers taking you through exactly what they do, day-to-day, in their different projects in Costa Rica!

Once that have convinced you, then please take a look at our website and application form to get your next trip signed and sealed!

Check out what Kyle has to say about his day Volunteering in a Construction program in Costa Rica.

More information on our construction projects here:

Volunteer in Micro Finance

volunteer in micro finance
A volunteer interviewing micro finance clients to see how he can help and support their businesses

In my blog back in October, I spoke in depth about the amazing opportunity to work in micro finance organisations in both Guatemala and Costa Rica, and more recently, I wrote about three high school students who volunteered in micro finance in Guatemala and how good their experience was. We talk a lot about our micro finance volunteering and internship opportunities because they are really sort after and fantastic opportunities to really make a difference. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn about how to run a business, yet it is what they rely on to make a living; which is where you come in! If you have business expertise and a passion to help others, then this is definitely where you should spend your time and resources volunteering! Not convinced? Take a look at this video and see if our previous volunteers can’t convince you! When you are ready to sign up then take a look at our website and fill in our short, online application form.