Short term vs long term volunteering

Short term vs long term volunteering

When you decide to volunteer, time is an important factor.

Do you have only a few weeks time or  are you thinking about doing a whole gap year?

At Inlexca some volunteer jobs only require a helping hand for a few weeks, while others need your commitment for few months or even a whole year. Volunteering with Inlexca is flexible and can be adapted to any needs.

Short term volunteering is accessible for busy full-time employed people or students that have only a few weeks time. It also allows a more flexible schedule in which you can fit several trips to different places. Short time volunteers usually work in a specific Project designed to have an immediate impact on the community they are working with. Short term volunteeringFor volunteers with little time we recommend to choose a type of activity that doesn´t require a lot of initial training, it might also be helpful to learn as much as possible about the country prior arrival.

If you decide to do short term volunteering at Inlexca you can work for a minimum of 2 weeks in childcare, you can teach in local schools or can help in wildlife projects.

As a long term volunteer you will have a lot of time to get to know the project you are working with and will be able to see the changes it makes over time.  To make your volunteer experience successful we recommend to choose carefully your position and to try to keep an open and proactive attitude the entire time.

As a long term volunteer you have plenty of possibilities to get involved. You can long term volunteeringwork in  Women Empowerment or have an impact in Micro Finance. If you are a health professional you can work in Health and Medical programs or share your knowledge in Physiotherapy. Environmental preservation is also a popular choice which requires a minimum of 4 weeks commitment.

Deciding on a volunteer position is a very personal thing and it depends of a wide array of factors. Either way you decide, if  short term or long term volunteering , we are convinced that it will  be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.