Travel with a purpose: how about Family Volunteering!

Travel with a purpose: how about Family Volunteering!

Family Volunteering
Father and daughter on a volunteer adventure in Costa Rica

If you love your family and would like to stick together even during holidays, want to serve others and experiencing your unique bond through the challenges of traveling- why not considering Family Volunteering? Here at INLEXCA we welcome parents with their children and offer a big variety of volunteer opportunities that are enjoyable for the whole family.

Besides the wonderful benefits to the community you will be volunteering in, there are many benefits for your family to. Research suggests that engaging parents and their children volunteering activities together has important positive outcomes for everyone involved.  Through traveling with a purpose, family volunteering and engaging in a foreign culture, kids and teens have the possibility to cultivate positive values, open their minds and maybe develop a commitment to volunteering both now and in the future. Parents on the other hand get to spend quality time with their children, serving as role models and passing on important values.

Family Volunteering with INELXCA

For families with young children, our Childcare projects are generally the most suitable volunteer placements, as these allow children to become involved and interact with the other children. A Conservation project may also be suitable for families with children who enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind getting their hands dirty! The flexibility of our volunteer abroad programs means you can choose to volunteer for anywhere between 1 week and 24 weeks. This allows you to fit a family volunteer vacation into your children’s school holidays or your working year.

You will have your weekends free to explore more of the host country and local culture. The INLEXCA team can help you planning adventurous, fun and educational trips. Check out our Web Page to get an idea of  projects we work with.