Working with kids, what’s so great about it?

volunteer with kids

“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.” – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Working with children can be one of the most rewarding volunteering opportunities out there. If you are passionate about giving all kids the attention, care, guidance and education they need and want to volunteer your time in communities abroad to help them, then keep reading!

Our childcare programs help less advantaged children have a chance to be just that, children, in a place where perhaps they otherwise have to grow up pretty fast. We work in community centers, schools, daycares and orphanages and have varying roles in each place.

The volunteers help the generally overworked staff with tasks like food preparation and feeding, games, chores, teaching basic lessons, reading, mentoring and, perhaps most importantly, showing the kids attention and that they are important.

At INLEX you can be sure that you will have a meaningful, rewarding impact during your volunteer experience. The experience will be a a two-way cultural exchange between our volunteers, children and staff at the projects.

However, working with children requires oodles of patience, an abundance of energy, tons of motivation and a caring personality, so why do it? Let’s see if we can convince you!

They’re great!

You may think this is a poor first argument but it isn’t, they are just great! They are open, interested, caring and adorable, simple, adorable! They will make you play like a kid again, simplify life down to what’s important again, make you laugh, make you cry and show you great love and affection, and all they ask in return is time.

They need your help

There are so many kids in the world that, for various reasons, don’t get the love and attention they need and so desperately want. This is where you come in, you can give them that extra attention, love, education, time that they can’t get elsewhere and for a child, that is priceless!

They keep you young

When was the last time you played ‘Duck duck goose’ or jump rope or played with marbles? When you were a child right? What if you work with kids? You can play these games all day long, you can feel free of the stresses of life, get back to the simple things and laugh and have fun all day long!

They show you patience

Kids don’t listen, you didn’t, I didn’t, and it’s not a thing that kids do well. When you are the kid, you don’t care but, when you’re the adult, the instruction giver, it can be incredibly frustrating! Working with children will teach you the greatest level of patience, which will serve you very well in the future!

They make you great at explaining things

Kids don’t always understand what you want them to do, of course they don’t, they are kids! But, if they don’t understand, you can’t just tell them to check the dictionary or Google-it, or use common sense! You have to sit down and explain it in the simplest terms, this can be hard to do but something that will help you throughout your life when you are explaining things to friends, family, your boss.

I could keep going, tell you a million more reason why working with kids is great! But, how about you just find out for yourself? We have opportunities in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru working with children and young adults just waiting!