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Veterinary internship program

Veterinaries have a complex task at hand, as they take care of many animal species and their patients can’t talk to them. Join our veterinary volunteer program and work alongside veterinary professionals in clinics that treat household animals as well as farm animals.

The veterinary internship program is perfect for those studying to be zoologists, veterinaries, biologists, or researchers. In the veterinary program, you will gain real-world experience with animals helping administer treatments, learning about the diagnosis, and learning about equipment and medicines used on animals.

Participating in an internship abroad is an excellent opportunity for students and young professionals in the veterinary field to gain hands-on experience, develop their skills, and broaden their perspectives. Interning overseas provides numerous unique benefits that can significantly enhance one’s professional growth and personal development.

Interning overseas provides exposure to different cultures and practices, broadening one’s perspective on veterinary medicine. Each country has its unique approach to veterinary care, shaped by factors such as local wildlife, prevalent diseases, and cultural attitudes towards animals. By experiencing these differences firsthand, interns can develop a wider understanding of their profession. As Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, interns will have the chance to improve their language skills, which could prove valuable in their professional life. In an increasingly globalized world, being bilingual or multilingual can give individuals a competitive edge in the job market.

The veterinary internship program is a comprehensive initiative that provides a platform for veterinary students to gain practical experience. It does this by placing these students in veterinary clinics where they have the opportunity to assist seasoned veterinary doctors and skilled technicians. 

Interns are given the chance to work directly with animals, performing a variety of tasks. These tasks include assisting doctors during medical procedures, feeding the animals, bathing them, brushing their fur, providing obedience training, administering prescribed medicine, cleaning their cages, and even participating in animal rehabilitation efforts.

The level of involvement of the interns in more complex tasks such as vaccinations, surgeries, and diagnosis can vary and is largely dependent on their experience. Interns who are currently enrolled in or have completed a degree related to animal care are given preference in the selection process.

Possible tasks:

-Assisting in small clinical procedures.

-Preparing and sterilizing medical equipment.

-Helping to take notes and interact with owners.

-Helping to take samples from animals.

-Administrative work.

-Bathing and cleaning animals.

-Shadowing doctors as needed.

Keys aspects

  • Availability: Year-long.
  • Program Duration:4-24 weeks
  • Location: San Ramon de Alajuela or surrounding towns.
  • Schedule: 8 am-3pm Monday to Friday.
  • Requirements: Participants must have a background in animal care.

Veterinary internship

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