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Frequently Asked Questions
Our programs are diverse and each of them is different, please visit each program page for specific details on it or contact us for more information. Here are some common questions about our programs

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I am under 18, can I join the volunteer program?

Yes, but only if accompanied by someone over 18.

Why is the health and travel insurance policy mandatory?

Health and travel insurance will make your life easier in case anything happens during your trip. We don’t bundle insurance with our programs to give participants the freedom to be insured with whoever they prefer or if they already have insurance to use their existing policy.

You can purchase insurance with whichever company you prefer, or we can recommend a third-party provider.

INLEX supports all of its participants during emergencies. The insurance policy is mandatory so participants have another safety net while abroad.

I want to volunteer but don’t have enough time to meet the minimum amount of weeks.

Let us know in your application, as sometimes projects are flexible or other project options are available that match the amount of time you have.

I don’t know Spanish. Can I join?

Yes, you can join our volunteer program with no Spanish. Bear in mind that if you have no Spanish knowledge you will be limited to certain projects like animal care, turtle conservation, and childcare.

You can learn Spanish with us by adding weeks of your program to your trip and filling them up with Spanish classes. Spanish lessons are at an extra cost.

If you opt for Spanish lessons, we will train you with terms and phrases related to your upcoming project.

Can I volunteer with a friend/partner? with my family?

Absolutely! if your group is more than 6 people you qualify for a group program with special pricing

How far in advance should I register and book my program?

We recommend you register and book at least two months in advance, but this is flexible and we take last-minute registrations well. Some projects have limited space so it is best to register as early as you can.

Is there a minimum time commitment for the volunteer program?

Our volunteer programs start at a 2-week minimum, although some projects take 1-week volunteers.

Is there a minimum time commitment for internships?

Internships start a 4-week minimum, but some accept 2 weeks if the intern is highly qualified.

Can I change my program, destination, or date once I registered?

You can change the project, destination or date without any penalties if you let us know at least two weeks in advance.

You can change your start date for up to a year from your original start date. All fees paid for your new program.

I need to cancel my program or re-schedule

You can cancel your program and receive a refund, please visit our cancellation policy page for more details.

You can re-schedule your start date for up to a year from your original start date.

I can’t go, can I transfer my fees to someone else?

You can transfer your program fees to someone else, but they will have to register separately. 

Are there any VISA requirements?

Please check each individual country requirements

I don’t want to stay with a host family, what other options do I have?

Depending on the chosen project, you can choose for hostel accommodation or sometimes a volunteer guesthouse is available.

If you already have accommodation, let us know and you can have access to a reduced fee.

Can I arrive on a non-scheduled date?

We prefer that volunteers and interns arrive or meet with us on certain scheduled days, so they can all have orientation together and they integrate into their projects at programmed dates. 

If you cannot make it during a scheduled date let us know so we can arrange this for you. If you want to be picked up on non-scheduled days, bear in mind that there is an extra fee for private transport.

In the program

Are there more volunteers in my project?

Usually, projects have at least two or more volunteers at a time working together, but due to the nature of some projects work is sometimes not with other volunteers but with some staff of the project.

The volunteer program usually has a lot of people living in the same community so you will get to know other volunteers during orientation or one of our social events.

Dietary restrictions.

Meals that are included in the program are not specifically made with any restrictions in mind. The program can accommodate vegetarian diets.

Participants following a vegan, gluten-free, keto, and other dietary lifestyles have to purchase their own special ingredients to cook.

If you have a severe allergy, make sure to let us know so we can pass this information on to your host family.

Can I switch/change my program when I get to the place? 

Yes, you can. However, bear in mind that changes are subject to availability and it might take a from a few days up to two weeks to change you to another project.

Changes apply to volunteer programs. 

Can I finish my program early?

If you need to finish early, you can. Just let us know a week in advance if possible to tell the project and make the transition to the next volunteer as smooth as possible.

Are there opportunities to travel in the program?

We encourage all of our participants in our programs to travel as much as they can during the weekends and free days. Volunteers and interns usually travel together, and our coordinators can assist in making travel arrangements.

During the weekday’s volunteers and interns usually spend time together after their assignments.

Why does it cost to volunteer?

Included in your program are housing, food, orientation, walking tour, emergency support, transport from the airport, the use of our facilities, and more.

Your fees go into paying our kind staff, teachers, legal fees, taxes, host families, food, transportation, internet, phone bills, other utilities, maintenance, rental space, insurance, office supplies, the volunteer application process, emergency support, arranging and designing all of our programs, infrastructure, maintaining our website, making promotional material, establishing new partnerships with other organizations and much more!

But most importantly, these fees go into making sure you have great experience volunteering and everything runs smoothly.


Can I bring a donation to my project? what/how?

This varies from project to project as their needs change according to their goals at the moment. Once assigned you can get in touch with us to help you figure out what is best for your project.


Is it safe to go to your destinations?

In short, yes. All of our programs are developed in safe areas of each of the countries we work in, and we are constantly evaluating safety levels and concerns, to respond promptly and adequately to any new situation that may arise.

Along with our internal mechanisms to keep our programs safe. All participants receive safety guidance during their orientation with important information and tips. Along with this, we provide 24/7 in-country emergency support.