Educational tours

Educational tours for Colleges

Educational tours are made with specific academic goals in mind. We work with teachers and students to integrate workshops, lectures and site visits related to the class.

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Internationalize your campus and increase students’ cultural understanding by taking the classroom and turning into experiential learning. Students can receive their classes in a dynamic and fun environment where they will learn first hand from experts and real-life situations.

Educational tours have defined academic goals in mind and are designed to keep students engaged in learning throughout the whole trip. We work closely with faculty or student leaders to create an itinerary that mixes a variety of learning and fun activities like lectures, relevant site visits, cultural experiences, language training, hiking, fun lessons(surfing, weaving, salsa) sightseeing, journaling, trips to events, and visit by experts related to the learning objectives.

Educational opportunities are given in the formats of lectures, experiential learning, and visits to relevant sites. Educational tours can be faculty-led or student-led.

Faculty-led or student-led trips can be mixed with service learning and side-trips depending on the itinerary. Educational tours can be anywhere from 4 days to 30 days and can be anywhere from 6 people to 40 people.

Student-led groups are perfect for alternative spring break programs, student organizations, college clubs, sports teams or students that wish to broaden their horizons.

We offer educational tours in the areas of:

  • Spanish language immersion
  • Coffee production
  • Microfinance and small businesses
  • Forestry management
  • Global health and health systems
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sustainable farming practices and permaculture
  • Environmental sustainability and wildlife preservation
  • Women empowerment and Humans rights
  • Sport science

More topics are available on-demand, request an itinerary today.

Educational tours For High schools

The high school group travel program is made for young students that want to gain a global perspective through cultural exchange, travel, and fun educational experiences. The trips can range anywhere from 5 days to 30 days and are the perfect blend of service-learning, cultural visits, fun, and travel. All customized to your preferences.

Traveling with INLEX provides the opportunity for teachers, students, and parents to enjoy a well-run program meant to create a positive impact on the students to create global citizens.

Our experienced staff takes special care to create a safe and responsible travel itinerary for the group. We work with faculty and parents from the first day to review each itinerary to fulfill the group’s expectations.

Why take your group with us?

.INLEX was founded by former Peace Corps staff who wanted to provide flexible and affordable programs to individuals, groups, and institutions. We locally run each program using experienced staff and proven in-depth knowledge of each country that we work in.

Our educational programs focus on strong learning objectives, unique experiences, safety, affordability Student engagement through experiences.

  • INLEX is trusted by universities and organizations in the U.S and Europe.
    Local experienced staff and guides.
  • Customizable programs.
  • We work with you from day one on your itinerary.
  • Use one of our proven and tested itineraries or request a new one
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