Group volunteer program

Group volunteer programs are designed for groups from 6 to 30 people; and mix elements of service, cultural activities, hikes, visits to touristic places, team building games and special activities at the group’s request. The group volunteer program does not require any previous experience and is mostly about supporting projects with fun activities. Optionally, the program can include sightseeing, cultural visits or language classes.

The group volunteer program is flexible and can be adapted to different types of groups including:

  • Volunteer programs for high school groups.

  • Volunteer programs for college groups.

  • Group volunteer programs for families, corporations, and friends.

Groups can take part in a variety of projects including:

Construction: Build or renovate homes, schools or community centers. The construction project works to improve the living conditions of low-income families.

After school programs: Work with children in projects aimed at helping them through tutoring, educational games, and reading.

Women empowerment: Volunteer as a group in women empowerment projects in workshops aimed at improving their conditions through education, self-esteem, and financial independence.

Special education: spend time with children and adults that have various handicaps. Help at a special education program and take part in special classes, games, cooking and teaching basic skills.

School workshops: Teach children in poor rural communities about nutrition, basic hygiene, dental hygiene, games and host motivational workshops as a group. Help schools with materials, games and educational support.

Water management projects: Groups familiar with water management, appropriate technology or general construction can help plan and build water systems for communities or houses without access to water distribution.

Contact us, tell us a little about your group and request a sample itinerary.

Other group programs

Why take your group with us?

-INLEX is trusted by universities and organizations in the U.S and Europe.

-Local experienced staff and guides.

-Customizable programs.

-We work with you from day one on your itinerary.

-Use one of our proven and tested itineraries or request a new one.


Educational tours: Faculty-led programs and Student-led programs

Educational tours are made with specific academic goals in mind. We work with teachers and students to integrate workshops, lectures and site visits related to the class. The trip can include sightseeing and some service-learning components. Educational opportunities are given in the formats of lectures, experiential learning, and visits to relevant sites.

educational tours faculty led in guatemala

Medical Campaign and outreach volunteer groups

Campaign and outreach volunteer groups are different from educational trips as the main focus is not attending lectures and academic content, but rather doing hands-on work in a specific field.

Groups joining the campaign program are studying or are professionals in a certain field and can work in a variety of projects like:

  • Medical volunteering campaigns
  • Physiotherapy campaigns
  • Veterinary care outreach
  • Dental Campaigns
  • Malnutrition prevention campaigns

INLEX works together with groups to identify projects that better utilize the knowledge and work of the group; to develop a plan of action, goals, and outcomes for the given campaign.

medical outreach campaign