Medical volunteer campaign and outreach volunteer groups

Medical volunteer campaign and outreach volunteer groups are different from educational trips as the main focus is not attending lectures and academic content, but rather doing hands-on work in a specific field.

Groups joining the medical volunteer campaign or outreach programs are studying or are professionals in a certain field and can work in a variety of projects like:

  • Medical volunteering campaign: Medical campaigns are a great way to help communities in Latin America within a short amount of time. The program is meant for groups of 6-15 medical professionals or medical students accompanied by a professional to work in medical campaigns in partnership with local clinics and doctors. 
  • Physiotherapy campaigns: INLEX works with various physiotherapy clinics giving free or very affordable care. Groups can help in treatment, training, equipment use, etc.
  • Veterinary care outreach: Groups can work in various campaigns to help spay street animals, heal them and train people aiding in animal care.
  • Dental outreach campaigns: Dental professionals and students can help provide basic dental care to underprivileged communities.
  • Malnutrition prevention campaigns: Groups familiar nutrition can help conduct workshops regarding proper nutrition, teach healthy eating habits and recipes, inform about preventable diseases, help weigh babies, and work with remote clinics combating malnutrition. 

If your group has a very specific focus, we would be happy to implement it in the scope of projects that we work in.

Contact us and let us know about your group.

Why take your group with us?

-INLEX is trusted by universities and organizations in the U.S and Europe.

-Local experienced staff and guides.

-Customizable programs.

-We work with you from day one on your itinerary.

-Use one of our proven and tested itineraries or request a new one.