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Faculty-led programs

Faculty-led programs abroad

Faculty-led programs are carefully planned with the primary objective of achieving specific academic goals. Our team collaborates closely with teachers and students to ensure that the trip is seamlessly integrated with the curriculum. This involves organizing workshops, lectures, and site visits that are directly related to the subject matter being taught in class. While the trip does offer opportunities for sightseeing, it also incorporates elements of service-learning, allowing students to actively engage with the local community.

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To enhance the educational experience, we provide various formats of learning, including informative lectures, hands-on experiential activities, and visits to relevant sites that further reinforce the concepts being taught in the classroom.

We offer faculty-led trips in the areas of:

More topics are available on request, please request sample itineraries and group brochures.

The purpose of these trips is to expose students to different cultures, enhance their understanding of global issues, and facilitate their personal and academic growth. By participating in faculty-led trips abroad, students have the opportunity to expand their horizons, develop a global perspective, and gain valuable skills that will benefit them in their future careers. Faculty-led programs provide an immersive educational experience that goes beyond textbooks and lectures. They present students with real-life contexts and scenarios that can deeply enrich their understanding of their field of study.

Keys aspects

  • From 6-40 participants
  • Customized itinerary to meet academic goals
  • Support from pre-departure to exit.
  • All-inclusive services or pick the services your group needs.
  • Faculty included for free in quote.
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Why take your faculty-led group with INLEX?

  1. Enhanced Learning Experience – . Our customized programs allows students to see, touch, and live the concepts they’ve learned in the classroom. This real-world exposure can significantly enhance their understanding and retention of knowledge.
  2. Cultural Immersion – Faculty-led programs trips with INLEX offer students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture. This can broaden their horizons, develop their social skills, and foster a global mindset.
  3. Logistical Support -We take care of all the planning and logistics so educators can focus on teaching and cultural immersion, leaving the logistical details to the experts. This can significantly reduce the workload and stress associated with planning and implementing a study abroad program.
  4. Emergency Management – In the event of an emergency we are here to support the group with our local knowledge.This provides of mind for educators, parents and students.
  5. Tailored Programs – Our faculty led trips can be customized to meet the specific learning objectives of the course. This ensures that every aspect of the program, from the location to the activities, contributes to the educational goals.
  6. Professional Development for Educators – Leading a study abroad program can provide educators with valuable professional development opportunities. It allows them to expand their teaching skills, gain international experience, and develop a deeper understanding of their subject matter.
  7. Experience: INLEX is trusted by universities, schools, and organizations in the U.S and Europe.

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