Volunteer in Guatemala

Volunteer in Guatemala or intern and see why the country’s motto is the “country of eternal spring”. Its rich Mayan heritage, beautiful landscapes, varied climates, and charming people make it the perfect destination for your program. 

Join a dedicated team of volunteers and interns working towards the development of Guatemala and its people. The programs in Guatemala range from 2 to 24 weeks and can be in a myriad of programs like educationturtle conservationmicro finance and more.

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Why volunteer in Guatemala?

Guatemala is well known for its Mayan Ruins, massive volcanoes(some of them active volcanoes!), and rich culture. The other side of Guatemala is one of much inequality, poverty, and underdevelopment. As a volunteer in Guatemala, you will be able to help change the country’s future by joining one of its many programs that work towards community development, education, wildlife preservation and more.

The work of volunteers in Guatemala is very much appreciated by local projects as it brings extra hands on deck to tackle complex tasks in projects while bringing new ideas.

By joining our volunteering programs in Guatemala, you can be sure that you are joining an authentic experience, where we will match your skills and interests where you can make the most impact.
Ready!? Select your program and apply.

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Why intern in Guatemala?

Gain real-world experience with companies and projects specializing in your field.
Guatemala offers great internship opportunities for those looking to build their resume. Some of the most prominent fields we offer include coffee production internships, medical internships, micro-finance internships, veterinary, and physiotherapy among others.

You can rest assured we will help you find a position in the field you are looking for. New opportunities are coming up all the time, so if we don’t yet have your field listed feel free to reach out to us.

Program information at glance

Project options at glance in Guatemala

+ Volunteer with children

Volunteer by assisting local staff with cooking, elaborating educational material, playing games, teaching basic colors, letters and creating a safe environment for children from low-income communities. ​

+ Volunteer in education

Volunteer teaching children in schools of after school programs. You can teach a class directly or become a teacher assistant depending on the group, knowledge in a specific field, and other factors. Popular subjects include English teaching, math, art, science, and other core subjects.

+ Sea turtles

Volunteer with sea turtles by helping during their nesting season in hatcheries,beach patrols and preservation education

+ Volunteer in Environmental conservation

Environmental conservation volunteers work in national parks, environmental reservations, and research stations. The work revolves around keeping a healthy Eco-system, educational campaigns and sometimes research.

+ Pre med volunteering / Health care

Pre-med volunteering is perfect for people who are in pre-med stages or are thinking of majoring in medicine or a related field. As opposed to the medical intern program, volunteers in health support schools, elderly homes, chronic pain clinics, and programs for individuals with disabilities.

+ Special education volunteer

This program is designed to make the most out of education tailored to individuals with special needs. Volunteers in this program will be assisting and helping educate of people with various mental and physical disabilities.

+ Medical internships

Work in rural clinics assisting doctors and nurses tend to appointments and emergencies alike.

+Nursing internships

Work in clinics under the guidance of head nurses and administrative staff .

+ Microfinance and business training

The microfinance and business internship program is perfect for people with a background in finance, economics, accounting, marketing, and related fields. Interns in this program work to mentor small and medium business owners to have sustainable growth and the right tools to manage their company and small loans.

+ Physiotherapy internships

The physiotherapy internship program is for people that are studying or have completed a degree in physiotherapy, rehabilitation or occupational therapy. The clinic in Costa Rica focuses on individuals with restricted mobility and chronic pain. Interns can also help in physiotherapy sessions at an assisted living facility.

+ Veterinary

The veterinary program places vet students in clinics where they can assist veterinary doctors and technicians.

+ Hospitality and tourism

Hospitality and tourism internships are for participants who want real-world experience in the fast-moving world of the travel industry.

+ Dental clinic internships

Dental internships abroad are a great opportunity to work with seasoned professionals.

+ Psychology internships

Support patients in an often overlooked field in Guatemala

Why choose INLEX in Guatemala?

¨Guatemala was a brilliant way to spend my summer. It was a great learning experience and a fantastic opportunity to meet and bond with people of a different culture, and a great chance to mix hard work with lots of fun¨