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Intern Abroad

Embarking on an internship abroad is a pivotal step in professional growth when venturing into a new industry. It not only provides valuable experience for the interns but also offers numerous advantages to companies, such as support with various tasks, input of fresh perspectives, and the establishment of a talent pool for future recruitment. Choose to intern abroad through INLEX and gain hands-on experience in one of our partnered projects and organizations, allowing you to immerse yourself in real-world scenarios.

Interning abroad offers a unique experience compared to working in your home country, immersing you in a new environment with distinct challenges and learning opportunities. It is also a more enjoyable experience as it allows you to travel abroad, make new friends, and explore new places while interning.

Why intern abroad with INLEX?

Since 2005, INLEX has been building a vast network of contacts with numerous projects and companies. Within our extensive network, we meticulously find the best internships and present to place our participants. Our process involves matching the intern’s profile with the internship position to ensure that both are satisfied – companies benefit from the interns’ work, while interns gain valuable experience.

We handle all aspects of securing the internship for you abroad, including accommodations, so that you can fully focus on your work and make the most of your experience abroad.

Volunteering vs interning. What is the difference?

The key difference between an internship and volunteering is in the level of professional development and responsibility. Internships emphasize professional growth, with interns taking on higher levels of responsibility and different types of tasks compared to volunteers. Additionally, intern performance is evaluated by both the program and the host company, further highlighting the professional nature of the experience.

How does the internship abroad program work?

You first choose the field that matches your background and professional goals in one of our destinations. Once you the program that better suits you fill out a short application form,we are in touch with you within 48 working hours to evaluate your application and work with you on where we can place you given the available options in our portfolio.

Once we have all the necessary information, we promote your resume and apply on your behalf to internships within our network of partner companies and institutions. Once accepted you are notified and later on, given all the details for your upcoming internship.

Our team also prepares you before your departure with information about your future internship and tasks. Once in the country, you receive an orientation to prepare you for your new workplace and tasks.

Our internship program includes lodging, meals and all you need for a successful internship so you can focus on your work and not on arranging all the details. You will have the chance to meet an international team of interns and other participants in our programs, making the experience fun and social!

Keys aspects

  • Availability: Year-long.
  • Program Duration:4-24 weeks.
  • Work Mon-Fri.
  • 20-40 hours of work per week based on your preference and field.
  • Housing and meals included.
  • Pre-departure support.
  • Support with university paperwork and requirements.
  • In country support through the internships.
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