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With its vibrant culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and diverse population, Guatemala provides the perfect backdrop for gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field of psychology.

During your internship, you will have the opportunity to work closely with experienced professionals, learning and implementing various therapeutic techniques to help individuals and communities in need. Whether it’s conducting research, providing counseling services, or working with local organizations to improve mental health awareness, your internship in Guatemala will expose you to a wide range of challenges and rewarding experiences.

INLEX partners with various organizations in Guatemala that provide psychological support to low-income patients .These patients come from a variety of backgrounds related to education,mental conditions,abuse and other conditions that require psychological support.

Furthermore, Guatemala faces various socio-economic challenges that have a significant impact on the mental health of its population. By participating in a psychology internship in Guatemala, you will have the opportunity to work directly with individuals and communities in need, applying your knowledge and skills to make a positive difference. This hands-on experience will not only enhance your professional development but also empower you to address mental health issues from a global perspective.

Hands-on experience: You will have the opportunity to actively participate in various aspects of psychology practice, whether it be conducting assessments and providing counseling. This practical experience will deepen your understanding of psychology and help you develop essential skills.

Collaboration with professionals: You will work closely with experienced psychologists and other healthcare professionals, learning from their expertise and guidance. 

Cultural immersion: Living and working in Guatemala will immerse you in the local culture and traditions. You will have the opportunity to interact with the local population, gaining insights into their perspectives on mental health and psychology. 

Challenging and diverse cases: Guatemala faces unique socio-economic challenges that impact mental health. As an intern, you may encounter a wide range of psychological disorders and challenging cases. This exposure will strengthen your clinical skills and ability to adapt to different situations.

Personal growth and self-reflection: Living and working in a foreign country presents personal growth opportunities. You will develop resilience, adaptability, and cross-cultural communication skills. This experience will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and expand your worldview.


Internship overview

  • Availability: Year-long.

    Program Duration:4-24 weeks

    Location: Lake Atitlan and villages surrounding Antigua Guatemala.

    Schedule:8 am-4pm. Monday-Friday


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