Speech therapy internship in Guatemala

This program is the perfect opportunity for people looking to gain real-world experience working with patients in speech therapy and physical therapy.

Work alongside experienced staff to treat patients with a variety of disabilities and traumas like cerebral palsy, down syndrome, brain injury, and stroke.

By interning in the speech therapy program you can expect to assist in tasks like:

-Physical therapy
-Especial education support
-Creating educational material for patients.
-Speech therapy.
-Fine motor skill therapy.

The project aims to create an appropriate learning environment for people who suffer from mental disabilities or have suffered severe trauma. While attending the project, patients are challenged through a variety of specialized techniques to gain or regain motor skills, and speech. Patients also learn new alternative ways to carry on their day-to-day life.

Work is around 6 hours per day Monday to Friday, mostly taking place in the mornings.

Interns must be able to communicate in at least basic Spanish. If you don’t speak any Spanish you are welcome to take online or in person lessons with us.

Speech therapy

Arrival to the program are most Sundays.

On arrival you are greeted by our friendly coordinators and taken to your accommodation. Next day you meet with all the volunteers and interns that came the previous days for orientation.

In orientation we cover topics like:
-Do’s and dont’s in the country

-How to get around and weekend travel

-Your projects

-Communication, SIM cards , and currency.

-Social meet ups with other participants.

 Interns must be studying or have completed a degree in a related field.

We encourage all of our participants in our programs to travel as much as they can during the weekends. Volunteers and interns usually travel together during the weekends. Our coordinators can assist you to make travels plans

During the weekdays volunteers and interns usually spend time together after their assignments.

Internship overview

  • Minimum commitment: 4 weeks
  • Location :Lake Atitlan
  • Accommodation: host family with two meals per day.
  • Available: Year round.
  • Requirements: Interns must be studying or have experience in the internship field

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