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Are you ready to travel and explore new opportunities abroad? Find the right program, whether it’s on your own, with friends or with classmates. INLEX offers different programs ranging from volunteer opportunities, international internships, educational travel, and group volunteering trips.

Our programs at glance

Volunteer opportunities

Our volunteer program in  is designed to help communities help themselves and to give our volunteers a great and satisfying experience. By volunteering with us you can learn a new language, meet new people, and make a long-lasting impact where it is needed.

We match volunteers with the right opportunities where they will use their skills and contribute the most to the role they are assigned. Our affordable volunteer program is suited to those on a budget who like to have an immersive program

volunteer opportunities

Faculty led programs and educational travel

Faculty-led trips are designed to meet the academic goals of teachers and to keep students engaged while learning. By taking the class outside of the classroom, students experience a different way of learning, are motivated and constantly learning throughout the whole trip.

This program can include Spanish immersion, service learning, and leisure trips. Each program is customized to the faculty’s expectations. Popular trips include:

    • Spanish immersion.
    • Medical trips (general, physiotherapy, nutrition, etc)
    • Business and finance.
    • Engineering.
    • Sustainable agriculture.
    • Environmental sustainability.

And more!

Advantages of a faculty led program

faculty led trip

Group volunteering

Designed for groups of six or more people, this program is perfect for those who have a short amount of time (usually 1-3 weeks) and would like to volunteer together in the same project. We design the program based on the most effective use of time and maximum positive impact.

Group volunteering is tailor-made for each group, taking into consideration the group’s requests and the needs of the projects. Popular group projects are : education, construction, medical trips (for qualified professionals and students) youth development, environmental preservation, welfare, and women empowerment project support.

Volunteer group

International internship program

Internships offer the opportunity for students or young professionals to gain more experience in their area of interest and build up their resume. INLEX internships are designed to help people make the most of their time by placing them in companies and institutions that will put the adequate level of responsibility for each intern.

After completion, each intern receives an official certificate from INLEX and their company recognizing the time and energy spent at the internship We strive to place each intern in companies where they will gain valuable experience and create career advancement. Learn more about the international internship program and how it can impact your career.

international internships