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Why join a pre-med volunteer program abroad

Everyone has been there. I am talking about the beginning of their careers. The pre-med volunteer program provides opportunities for people that are starting in the health field and of course people on the pre-med career path.

What is exactly pre-med?

The pre-med stage is where people interested in studying medicine prepare themselves for this long and intensive career through a major. There is no ¨pre-med¨ major, perse, this is merely a related major to health sciences that show that someone is interested in studying medicine.

People in the pre-med stage have to choose carefully what they major in and what classes they take to get accepted into medical school.

Some common pre-requisites include classes like biology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, Math, and others. The pre-requisites for classes vary from medical school to medical school making it even a little trickier. 

Here is good in depth article on how to choose a major that is best for Pre-med.

So while you are in the pre-med stage, why join a health volunteer program? and why abroad?


A Pre-med volunteer program abroad-

Among the many academic requisites from U.S universities to become a licensed doctor, schools also look at field experience that is related to health. This is where volunteering abroad in a medical or health program becomes a big factor in being accepted into medical school.

By joining the pre-med volunteer program, students get hands-on experience in a clinical setting that not only provides valuable education but also rack extra points for medical school. But why volunteer abroad? Volunteering abroad in a pre-med focused program has many advantages over volunteering in your home country like:

  1. Provide a more direct experience where help is scarce.

  2. Have a humanitarian approach to your program.

  3. Meet other people from very different cultures, both from your host country and other volunteers.

  4. Learning a new language.

  5. Learning about a different health system.

  6. Assisting doctors and nurses with patients whose conditions have been eradicated in the vast majority of the world.

  7. Ease of application.

You can join the health volunteer program with Integrated Learning Experiences in Peru, Costa Rica, or Guatemala. Depending on your location you can assist doctors and nurses in rural health clinics, chronic pain clinics, or small clinics inside bigger institutions like assisted living facilities or schools.

You can see in further detail our healthcare volunteer program and choose what is right for you.

If you are looking to get accepted into medical school, volunteering in the health program is a great choice that will bring valuable experience, look good on your resume and help people that need it.

If you are in the advanced stages of your medical or nursing career or are a healthcare professional you can opt for the medical internship program or the nursing internship program where you will have more firsthand practice working in larger clinics or hospitals with more responsibility.

Note:This article focuses on the U.S educational system, and this varies from country to country.