Volunteer with Wildlife in South Africa

Volunteer with wildlife in south africa

South Africa is home to some of the most abundant and majestic wildlife on the planet. Unfortunately, this natural beauty is being threatened by human expansion and industrialization at an alarming rate. To save these endangered species, people from all walks of life must get involved as volunteers. For those who are looking for volunteer programs in South Africa that will have a great impact while also being exciting and fun, we recommend working with animals as a volunteer with wildlife.

Did you know that there are over 40,000 endangered species in Africa? Some of these species are found only in one specific area of the continent, so conservation efforts are essential if these species are to survive. There are many ways in which one can become actively involved in conservation efforts. Many people choose to simply donate money. However, this approach often misses the opportunity to get involved.

Conservation efforts often require a lot of time and dedication. These efforts can help you to protect endangered species and their habitats for future generations.

Animals in this reserve include predators such as lions, cheetahs, leopards spotted hyenas and of other animals such as bucks, elephants, zebras, warthogs etc.

Location: Various reserves near Johannesburg

Volunteering schedule: Varies, but roughly 30 hours of work per week.

Commitment: 2-6 weeks

Volunteer Tasks:

On the Wildlife projects, volunteers are allowed to assist in a wide range of activities, including, but not limited to: tracking and monitoring of wild animals, and awareness in local communities and on farms. Daily maintenance work such as fence checks, water pipe repairs and general reserve maintenance form part of the daily duties.

▪ Help with the maintenance of enclosures and upkeep of facilities including fencing checks and fixing

▪ Assisting with educational activities at the project

▪ Working in research and conservation & on Anti-Poaching projects

▪ Checking on cameras and research equipment

Before booking your flight please make sure you are getting it for the right date and right airport. Free pickup is included on our set arrival dates.

If you want to arrive any other day, please note that you might be charged a fee for transportation.

Airport to fly into:  Johannesburg airport O.R TAMBO intl airport (JNB)

English is the only requirement

All participants must be 18 years or older when starting the program and must submit the following documents:


-Application form

-Copy of resume or bio.

-Emergency contacts.

-Copy of passport.

-Proof of adequate medical travel insurance.

We encourage all of our participants in our programs to travel as much as they can during the weekends. Volunteers and interns usually travel together during the weekends. Our coordinators can assist you to make travels plans

During the weekdays volunteers and interns usually spend time together after their assignments.

  • Welcome in Johannesburg and transport to reserve.
  • Support throughout the program 
  • 24/7 Emergency support
  • Tented accommodation in reserve and supplies for meals to cook with other volunteers and staff.
  • Placement at project.
  • Supervision 
  • Certificate of program participation.

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