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Education Project INLEX/CA – Santo Tomas, Guatemala

My time in Guatemala has been amazing. I loved working with kids in the education project. I formed so many new connections and am so sad to be leaving, but I will be back soon! Everyone from the students, the teachers, my host family, and INLEXCA have gone above and beyond to make me feel at home. This program really solidified my plans to go into social work in a school setting. I feel that this program has given me the opportunity for a lot of professional as well as personal growth. My favorite moments throughout the month have been watching kids do things on their own. I loved seeing them go from not understanding math or being afraid of new experiences to only asking me to double check their math homework and seeing them have the confidence to at least try something on their own. I loved being able to immerse myself and feel at home in the culture of another country. An absolutely amazing experience!!