Volunteer and intern in India

Volunteer in India


Welcome to Jaipur!

A well-known Indian City, Jaipur is close to Delhi making it easy to get to and making transport to any destination in India quite accessible. Jaipur was established by the then Maharaj, Sawai Jai Singh in the year 1927. The graceful architecture of the City that runs across in pink color has earned Jaipur the title of “The Pink City”. Jaipur is predominantly known for its musicians, artisans, and craftsmen.

This majestic city is now visited by many people for its fine jewelry, beautiful textiles, and yummy cuisine.

Volunteer in India and get to experience its rich culture, history and help communities in need where your time and effort can be of impact.

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Program information at glance

Programs starting from $360 for one week

LocationJaipur Rajasthan

Start dates: We recommend that you arrive at Jaipur on any Saturday, in time for Sunday’s orientation. Work begins every Monday where you will be introduced to your project and tasks.

Can’t make it on a Saturday? contact us to check on your desired start date.

What is included in the program?

-Pick up and drop off at Jaipur airport (JAI) or local bus station.

-Traditional Indian Welcome.

-Orientation to Jaipur, your work.

-24/7 in-country emergency support

Additional expenses not covered by the program:

-Flight to and from India.

-Vaccinations (if any)

-Visa-related expenses.

-Weekend and free-time activities.

-Any personal expenses.

-Travel health insurance. (Mandatory)


Housing and meals

Meals and lodging are included in the program. 

Lodging can be in a volunteer guesthouse or host family.

Why pay to volunteer in India?

Many volunteers are surprised to find that they have to pay a fee, but to make our programs sustainable, we have to charge a fee per volunteer. Many of the costs are incurred even before you leave your home country.

Included in your program are housing, food, orientation, walking tour, emergency support, transport from the airport, use of our facilities, etc. Your fees go into paying our kind staff, teachers, legal fees, taxes, host families, food, transportation, internet, phone bills, other utilities, maintenance, rental space, insurance, office supplies, the volunteer application process, emergency support, arranging and designing all of our programs, infrastructure, maintaining our website, making promotional material, establishing new partnerships with other organizations and much more! But most importantly, these fees go into making sure you have great experience volunteering and everything runs smoothly.

How to get here?

You can get to Jaipur fairly easily by booking a flight to JAI airport. You can also fly into Dehli and take a bus to Jaipur.

Project options at glance in India

+ Volunteer in childcare

Volunteer with children from low-income communities and support working parents by volunteering in a daycare. Children who end up in the project are usually from homes that cannot afford education, proper nutrition, and a safe environment; volunteers are a great help to the staff who are usually overwhelmed by the number of children that they have to tend to. Children in the project range from 03-12 years of age.

+ Volunteer in education

Teach in India in a small school where you can transfer what you know best. Volunteers can teach English, math, science, computer literacy, and more. Also, work is available supporting the teachers by creating new materials, managing schedules, and reviewing homework. Volunteers are encouraged to pass on special skills or expertise that they might have like knowledge in arts, music, certain sports, or other relevant subjects.

+ Construction

For volunteers who love working with their hands, the construction program in India is perfect while helping keep in good shape schools, community centers, hospitals, and other structures that are of benefit to the community.

+ Women Empowerment

Volunteer in women empowerment and help give the right educational tools to women in vulnerable situations. Work involves education in life skills, income-generating projects, vocational training, counseling, and support. Seminars are organized to raise voices against domestic violence, eve-teasing & harassment.

+ Special Education and care

Volunteer with children who are mentally and physically handicapped in a variety of areas like education, therapy, and care. Vocational training is also available for volunteers that are handy in certain areas. Volunteers are of great help by teaching children how to do day-to-day tasks like cooking, using household appliances, etc. This prepares them to transition into adulthood later on in life.

+ Medical internships in India

The medical program in India works inside nursing centers, hospitals, and dispensaries that provide free or very accessible healthcare in low-income areas of India. Interns going into this program can also work in the field in free check-up camps set up in slums, community centers, schools, and daycares.

Volunteer or intern

programs by week
$ 360 1 week
  • 2 weeks $490
  • 3 weeks $590
  • 4 weeks $680
  • Additional week $140
  • Additional day $25
  1. Pick-up from Jaipur airport
  2. Transfer to Jaipur volunteer house/host family
  3. Traditional welcome (Garland, red dot on forehead etc.)
  4. Orientation in Jaipur
  5. Accommodation in Jaipur volunteer house/host family. Private or double occupancy in a host family. Shared accommodation
  6. All meals in Jaipur (Indian authentic meals)
  7. Volunteering project placement
  8. Assistance when required at the project
  9. Help in booking weekend trips and activities
  10. Last night stay in Jaipur volunteering house with all meals
  11. Drop at Jaipur airport at the end of the program
  • Airfare
  • Travel or health insurance
  • Weekend leisure travel.
  • Personal expenses

Add ons

Hindi language lessons. 25 hours- Group lessons averaging a size of 3 people. US$ 50

Why choose INLEX in India

I couldn´t have spent a better summer! It was great to connect with people one to one rather than being just another tourist.The children at the school ,my co-workers and the host family were amazing .Everyone should volunteer at least once in their lifetime.