Volunteer in childcare

Volunteer with children and shape the future of our world by spending time with kids that will benefit from your care and teachings. INLEX works in low-income neighborhoods where resources are very limited. These projects benefit from the work of volunteers, as most of the time, they are understaffed and underfunded. The childcare program is perfect for volunteers that are energetic, full of initiative, and creative; and the work is rewarding fun, and a great experience. If you have previous experience with children or education you can help implement new strategies to keep the kids learning throughout the whole day.

Depending on the destination you choose you can choose to work in daycare centers, orphanages, or after-school programs.

Why volunteer in a child care program?

As a volunteer, you will be helping single parents or low-income families take care of their children while they are at work. Also, projects revolve around providing a nurturing environment with education, balanced meals, games, and strong values.

The perfect volunteer for this program is energetic, resourceful, patient, and most importantly loves working with children.



Volunteers bring not only their time to the children, but also bring a different perspective and help the team bring more personalized attention.

Why volunteer with INLEX in the childcare program?

INLEX partners with childcare projects that have limited resources and where volunteers will have a positive impact. From the moment you apply to the program, you will be supported by our team members who will guide you before you arrive and once in the country.


My Guatemala Experience Overall, my experience was as unique as it can get. I had always valued helping others as a valuable human instinct, which is why I’m happy to say that I achieved that during my 2-week stay. What had made my time here special was the persistent attention to a familiar setting. The locals, INLEXCA co-coordinators, my host-family and the teachers at the school that I taught in, all contributed to creating a sense of familiarity which had helped me feel more comfortable and confident in sharing my abilities and thoughts; creating a more authentic experience. Working with children had also made me understand the importance of early child development and how that is bound to influence later life; essentially what one is taught and how others interact with a child will affect later behaviors. To anyone potentially thinking of participating in such a project, I would strongly recommend it since there is nothing more useful and pure than raising the self-esteem of traumatized children; be kind and supporting to them and see the expression on their faces.

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