Volunteer in childcare in Guatemala

By joining our volunteer program in Guatemala you can help small community daycares and community centers have extra support when taking care of children from low income communities. 

In the childcare program in Guatemala you will be working around 6 hours per day Monday to Friday with children ranging from 2-7 years of age, whose parents work and don’t have anywhere to send them to during the day. Working with children requires energy and creativity as most of the work is around keeping the children entertained through songs, games, and basic educational activities like teaching numbers, colors, etc.

Also, you will support the staff at the daycare in Guatemala by helping them with cleaning up for the children, cooking food, making educational games and keeping the place tidy.

Arrival to the program are most Sundays.

On arrival you are greeted by our friendly coordinators and taken to your accommodation. Next day you meet with all the volunteers and interns that came the previous days for orientation.

In orientation we cover topics like:
-Do’s and dont’s in the country

-How to get around and weekend travel

-Your projects

-Communication, SIM cards , and currency.

-Social meet ups with other participants.

There are no requirements for this program other than being able to communicate at the project and work well in teams.

We encourage all of our participants in our programs to travel as much as they can during the weekends. Volunteers and interns usually travel together during the weekends. Our coordinators can assist you to make travels plans

During the weekdays volunteers and interns usually spend time together after their assignments.

Spanish classes are available at an extra cost in 20 hour blocks. Monday to Friday , 4 hours per day.
See our costs section for more information.

Volunteer in childcare in Guatemala
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My Guatemala Experience Overall, my experience was as unique as it can get. I had always valued helping others as a valuable human instinct, which is why I’m happy to say that I achieved that during my 2-week stay. What had made my time here special was the persistent attention to a familiar setting. The locals, INLEXCA co-coordinators, my host-family and the teachers at the school that I taught in, all contributed to creating a sense of familiarity which had helped me feel more comfortable and confident in sharing my abilities and thoughts; creating a more authentic experience. Working with children had also made me understand the importance of early child development and how that is bound to influence later life; essentially what one is taught and how others interact with a child will affect later behaviors. To anyone potentially thinking of participating in such a project, I would strongly recommend it since there is nothing more useful and pure than raising the self-esteem of traumatized children; be kind and supporting to them and see the expression on their faces.

Project overview

  • Minimum commitment: 2 weeks
  • Location: Villages and towns around Antigua Guatemala.
  • Accommodation: Private room in a welcoming host family with two meals per day or shared dorms in a volunteer hostel with access to a kitchen.
  • Available: Most of the year except the last two weeks of December and Easter week.

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