Volunteer in Construction and Renovation

Are you a handy person? Volunteer in construction and help build or renovate low-income housing, schools, community centers, and more.
This program is perfect for people that like to work with their hands, are resourceful, and get a sense of accomplishment seeing something physically done.

Tasks vary depending on the season and the project´s needs at the time. Common tasks include mixing cement, digging, cutting wood, painting, putting up drywall, and more.

Volunteers joining the construction program must be somewhat physically fit, enjoy working outdoors, and be able to work in teams under guidance.

Volunteers working in construction don´t need previous experience, but the experience is a plus.


volunteer in construction

For volunteers in construction, materials and tools are provided to them, but we ask every volunteer to bring the appropriate clothing, work boots, work gloves, and eye protection.

The work is very social and usually, there are a lot of volunteers and local staff in one single construction site. There is no specific site where volunteers are based, as the communities that are helped vary. You will be traveling to a construction site every day along with the other volunteers and staff.

Work is usually 6 hours per day, Monday to Friday.