Volunteer in Animal Care

The animal care program is designed to support various projects that work as shelters and clinics for street animals with nowhere to go. In a lot of countries in Latin America, street animals are not considered a big priority and end up multiplying quickly and suffer due to lack of shelter, food, and adequate living conditions.

Volunteer in animal care and support very noble projects to improve the living conditions of street animals by restoring them to health, spaying them and helping find a new home.

If you are studying to be a vet or in a related field, you can volunteer as a veterinary assistant in the veterinary program.


Arrival to the program are most Sundays.

On arrival you are greeted by our friendly coordinators and taken to your accommodation. Next day you meet with all the volunteers and interns that came the previous days for orientation.

In orientation we cover topics like:
-Do’s and dont’s in the country

-How to get around and weekend travel

-Your projects

-Communication, SIM cards , and currency.

-Social meet ups with other participants.

There are no requirements for this program other than being able to communicate at the project and work well in teams.

Visit our reviews section to see what past volunteers have to say about our programs.

We encourage all of our participants in our programs to travel as much as they can during the weekends. Volunteers and interns usually travel together during the weekends. Our coordinators can assist you to make travels plans

During the weekdays volunteers and interns usually spend time together after their assignments.

Spanish classes are available at an extra cost in 20 hour blocks. Monday to Friday , 4 hours per day.
See our costs section for more information.

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volunteer in animal care

Volunteer in an animal shelter in Guatemala

Volunteer in animal care and protect street animals in Guatemala by working in a small shelter. Volunteers working in the animal shelter join a small team of staff and other volunteers who like to see the situation for street animals improve in Guatemala. 

A lot of people when visiting Guatemala are shocked by the number of street dogs and cats that they find in very pitiful conditions. This is correlated to the country’s poverty levels that make dogs and cats low on the scale of priorities for local people.

The animal shelter picks up or receives abandoned animals, which are later nursed back to health, spayed and put up for adoption using various promotion channels.

As a volunteer in animal care in Guatemala, your tasks are around the care and adoption goals of the organization. Tasks include:

  • Feeding the animals.

  • Cleaning cages and pens.

  • Help at adoption drives

  • Help in curing animals

  • Making toys for the animals

  • Creating enclosures for the animals.

  • General maintenance work in the shelter.

  • Taking pictures of dogs and cats to post on social media for adoption.

  • Guiding visitors looking to adopt a pet.

  • Contacting foster homes and following up on newly adopted animals.

Volunteering at the animal shelter requires love, patience and work. The duties require volunteers to be relatively physically fit.

Work is 5 days per week 8 am-3 pm.

Project overview

  • Minimum commitment: 2 weeks.

  • Location: Farm near Antigua Guatemala.

  • Accommodation: Private room in a welcoming host family with two meals per day.

  • Available: Year round.


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Volunteer in an animal shelter in Peru

Volunteer in animal care and join a dedicated, fun and energetic team at the animal shelter in Cusco, Peru. 

Peru has a high amount of street dogs and cats that are a product of uncontrolled breeding and abandonment. The shelter picks up street dogs that are ill, have suffered an accident, or are very malnourished. Once in the shelter, these dogs are given proper medical treatment, nutritious food, and care. During this process, volunteers help in feeding the dogs, monitoring them and making sure they are quickly healed so they can be set up for adoption. 

Once healed, dogs are neutered and given up to adoption to a loving home. The whole process can take months and hard work is needed to heal and care for the dogs, and most importantly find them a permanent home.Cats are also picked up in the project, but in smaller amounts, as this project focuses mostly around dogs.

Help is needed for the shelter in Peru, as most of the workforce is on volunteer a basis and there is only a small amount of staff working full-time. Volunteers can help staff in:

  • Feeding the animals.

  • Cleaning enclosures.

  • Fundraising events.

  • Promoting adoptions in Cusco and surrounding towns.

  • Making toys for dogs and cats.

  • Medical procedures.

  • Guiding visitors looking to adopt new pets.

  • Running adoption events.

  • Keeping medical charts of dogs and cats.

  • General administrative tasks.

Work is 4 to 5 days per week, 8 am-4 pm. Schedule and shift are given on the first day of work.

Project overview

  • Minimum commitment: 2 weeks.

  • Location: Cusco, Peru.

  • Accommodation: Private room in a welcoming host family with two meals per day or shared dorms in a volunteer hostel with access to a kitchen.

  • Available: year round.

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