Volunteer teaching abroad

Volunteer teaching abroad and help shape the minds of children in the classroom and make a long-lasting impact on their futures. As a volunteer teaching, you will be assisting a teacher in a class or teaching a subject directly depending on your confidence on the subject. Volunteering in education is for those who are energetic, patient and like to work with children. No prior teaching experience is needed.


Arrival to the program are most Sundays.

On arrival you are greeted by our friendly coordinators and taken to your accommodation. Next day you meet with all the volunteers and interns that came the previous days for orientation.

In orientation we cover topics like:
-Do’s and dont’s in the country

-How to get around and weekend travel

-Your projects

-Communication, SIM cards , and currency.

-Social meet ups with other participants.

Spanish classes are available at an extra cost in 20 hour blocks. Monday to Friday , 4 hours per day.
See our costs section for more information.

There are no requirements for this program other than being able to communicate at the project and work well in teams.

We encourage all of our participants in our programs to travel as much as they can during the weekends. Volunteers and interns usually travel together during the weekends. Our coordinators can assist you to make travels plans

During the weekdays volunteers and interns usually spend time together after their assignments.

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Volunteer Teaching children in Guatemala

By joining the teaching program in Guatemala you will be assisting a teacher or teaching your class depending on the subject you are most comfortable with. You will be assigned to a rural school or an after school program to teach children from 6-15 years of age.

Most volunteers teach English in Guatemala, but you can also volunteer to teach other subjects like math, science, music or arts.

For those volunteers that are very adept with technology, they can teach basic o advanced computer skills to students that will certainly serve them to get ahead in life.

The age of the children being taught will depend on the type of school or after school you are assigned to. Hours vary too. Volunteers teaching in schools in Guatemala can choose to teach elementary school children or teenagers in middle school or high school. Elementary school schedules are in the morning and higher levels are in the afternoon.

Volunteers teaching in an after school project work in the afternoon supporting elementary school children with homework and tutoring.

Project overview

  • Location: Villages and towns around Antigua Guatemala.

  • Accommodation: Private room in a welcoming host family with two meals per day or shared dorms in a volunteer hostel with access to a kitchen.

  • Available: Mid January-Last week of October. A two-week break in mid-July.

  • Other: A little Spanish knowledge is required.

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Volunteer Teaching in Costa Rica

By becoming a volunteer teaching, you will join an energetic team in Costa Rica working in a school and after school project around San Ramon.

Depending on your profile you will be assigned to a school or after school project with children in two groups, one of them 6-12 years old and another 13-17 years old. 

 Schedule varies depending on the place you are assigned, but the choices can be a morning schedule or an afternoon schedule. Each shift working around 6 hours per day, Monday through Friday in the Costa Rican academic year; which ranges from mid-February to mid-December with a two-week break in July.

All are welcome to volunteer teaching in Costa Rica, as no previous experience in teaching is needed. It is best if you can communicate in Spanish, at least basic terms. You can volunteer to teach English in Costa Rica, teach math, teach science, teach music or art.

Volunteer teaching english

Project overview

  • Minimum commitment: 4 weeks

  • Location: San Ramon, Costa Rica.

  • Accommodation: Private room in a welcoming host family with two meals per day or shared dorms in a volunteer hostel with access to a kitchen.

  • Available: Mid February-Mid December.Two-week break in mid-July

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Volunteer Teaching English Peru

English has certainly become a must-know language to work in many industries. For a lot of people not knowing English becomes an obstacle in getting jobs or missing opportunities to further their education.

 Join our program in Peru focused on teaching English to children. Teach a class yourself with the help of other volunteers or staff at a school or after school program. You may also teach other languages like French or German if you have enough proficiency in them. The program is about 4 hours of work per day Monday to Friday or Monday to Thursday depending on the class schedule.

Volunteers teaching English are based in the beautiful colonial city of Cusco in Peru and travel each day to nearby villages to their assigned school. Other subjects like computer literacy, math and science are also available for volunteers to teach in Peru

volunteer teaching in peru

Project overview

  • Minimum commitment: 4 weeks.

  • Location: Cusco, Peru.

  • Accommodation: Private room in a welcoming host family with two meals per day or shared dorms in a volunteer hostel with access to a kitchen.

  • Available: Early March-Early December. Two-week break in August.

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