Wildlife conservation volunteer programs

The wildlife conservation volunteer program aims to help wild fauna be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Wildlife rescue centers take in animals that have been seized by the authorities and if possible, are rehabilitated to be inserted back to their natural habitat. By volunteering in the wildlife program your tasks will be based around the animals’ well being by preparing adequate food, feeding them, cleaning enclosures, making adequate toys, assisting staff, and more.


Arrival to the program are most Sundays.

On arrival you are greeted by our friendly coordinators and taken to your accommodation. Next day you meet with all the volunteers and interns that came the previous days for orientation.

In orientation we cover topics like:
-Do’s and dont’s in the country

-How to get around and weekend travel

-Your projects

-Communication, SIM cards , and currency.

-Social meet ups with other participants.

Spanish classes are available at an extra cost in 20 hour blocks. Monday to Friday , 4 hours per day.
See our costs section for more information.

There are no requirements for this program other than being able to communicate at the project and work well in teams.

Projects attract an extra weekly fee. See information below.

We encourage all of our participants in our programs to travel as much as they can during the weekends. Volunteers and interns usually travel together during the weekends. Our coordinators can assist you to make travels plans

During the weekdays volunteers and interns usually spend time together after their assignments.

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Wildlife conservation in Costa Rica

The wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center in Costa Rica fosters wild animals that have been seized by the authorities from poachers, abusers or people who illegally owned the animals. These wild animals are sometimes able to be rehabilitated to adapt back to their original habitat. However, some animals have been in captivity so long or were born already captive and cannot survive back out in the wild.

Those animals that are able to be rehabilitated, are released back into the wild after a long and time-consuming process of teaching them how to survive. The ones that are not able to be rehabilitated are kept in a safe environment for exhibition and awareness for people that visit the rescue center in Costa Rica.

wildife conservation volunteer in costa rica

Wildlife conservation volunteers can help in a variety of tasks including feeding the animals, making toys, cleaning cages, rehabilitation techniques, guiding visitors, and monitoring animals.

Some species in the project include macaws and other exotic birds, sloths, monkeys, armadillos, and other native Costa Rican species.

The work is 5 days per week with two days off, from 7 am to 3pm. You are assigned a shift on your first day of work.

Project overview

  • Minimum commitment: 4 weeks
  • Location: La Fortuna, Costa Rica.
  • Accommodation: host family with two meals per day.
  • Available: Year Round.
  • Requirements: Attracts an extra fee of $60 per week to cover extra costs of logistics, materials, and lodging.

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Wildlife rescue center and animal care in Peru

The wildlife rescue center in Peru is a shelter for animals that are taken by authorities due to mistreatment, abandonment or are being kept illegally.

These animals are nurtured back to health and sometimes rehabilitated to be released into the wild. The ones who are unable to be rehabilitated are moved to a more caring location.

Wildlife conservation volunteers help feed the animals, clean up cages, make enclosures and toys, guide visitors, and help keep the whole center tidy. Work with a team of volunteers and staff that will make each day fun and relaxed.

Schedule for volunteers is from 8 am to 4pm, 4 or 5 days per week. You are assigned a shift on your first day of work.

volunteer in wildlife conservation project

Project overview

  • Minimum commitment: 2 weeks
  • Location: Farm near Cusco, Peru.
  • Accommodation: Volunteer guesthouse with access to a kitchen. It does not include meals.
  • Available: Year Round.
  • Requirements: Attracts an extra fee of $60 per week to cover extra costs of logistics, materials and lodging and donations.

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