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small business internship

Small business and microfinance internship

The small business and microfinance internship program is an ideal opportunity for individuals who have a foundation in areas such as finance, economics, accounting, marketing, and other related fields.This program is also available in Guatemala.

This program provides a platform for interns to utilize their skills and knowledge to mentor small and medium-sized business owners. The primary objective is to guide these entrepreneurs towards achieving sustainable growth and equipping them with the necessary tools to effectively manage their business operations and handle small loans. This hands-on experience not only benefits the business owners but also provides the interns with invaluable real-world experience.

INLEX works in Costa Rica with various projects that aim to give basic financial literacy to small entrepreneurs along with business strategy support, marketing education and other tools that will help small entrepreneurs.

Micro-lenders in Costa Rica typically receive a loan but do not receive training on how to use the loan, the same happens with small entrepreneurs who have the seed money but no business training. INLEX supports these small entrepreneurs and microlenders with training for their new businesses.

One of the significant areas where guidance can be crucial is microfinance. For most small businesses, securing adequate funding is a major hurdle. Experienced mentors can guide entreprenuers through the process of applying for microfinancing, helping you understand the prerequisites, the application process, and how to effectively utilize the funds for maximum benefit. This guidance can significantly increase the chances of getting approved for financing and setting a business on a trajectory of growth and stability.

Guidance can help develop essential skills such as strategic planning, decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership. 

By joining the Small business internship program you will be helping entrepreneurs with:

  • Business plans.
  • Marketing strategy and implementation.
  • Basic accounting.
  • Basic financial analysis.
  • Business follow-up sessions.
  • Competition analysis and general market research.

Interns are assigned to various tasks and workshops during their internship depending on their profile and expertise. Being able to communicate in Spanish is essential to this internship. If you do not know Spanish we encourage you to take some classes with us before your internship.

Keys aspects

  • Availability: Year-long.
  • Program Duration:4-24 weeks.
  • Location: San Ramon de Alajuela.
  • Schedule: Flexible schedule, but typically around 30 hours of work per week starting at 8 am. Monday-Friday.
  • Requirements: Training in business related fields (finance,economics,business administration,data analysis, etc) and basic Spanish. Language lessons available.

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