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women's rights workshop

Girl's home. Women's rights.

The girl’s home, is a sanctuary specifically designed to welcome and provide shelter to girls who have unfortunately been victims of exploitation or have experienced different forms of abuse. The primary mission of this home is to empower these girls, offering them a second chance at life. The home is dedicated to creating a secure and nurturing environment where these girls can receive a proper education.

women's rights volunteer program

Additionally, it focuses on teaching them how to boost their self-esteem, a crucial aspect of their emotional well-being. The home also prioritizes educating them about women’s rights, a vital knowledge that will help them protect themselves and fight for their rights in the future. Furthermore, the home is committed to assisting these girls in seeking out beneficial opportunities as they transition into adulthood, thereby setting them up for a successful future.

Peru, much like the rest of the world, has had its share of struggles with gender inequality. However, over the years, significant strides have been made to challenge and eradicate sexist attitudes and practices. These efforts have increasingly shifted towards empowering women, reinforcing their rights, and fostering a society where discrimination has no place.

Volunteers willingly devote their time and energy to bring about positive change. They are instrumental in raising awareness about women’s rights and issues affecting women, providing support for victims of gender-based violence, and promoting economic self-sufficiency among women.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been pivotal in promoting women’s rights in Peru. These organizations work tirelessly to provide resources for women in need, offering services such as counseling, legal assistance, and vocational training. They also play a crucial role in lobbying for improved legislation and policies relating to women’s rights.

Education is another key factor in this struggle for equality. Efforts are being made to ensure that girls have equal access to quality education, which is fundamental to their empowerment. This not only opens up opportunities for better jobs and higher income but also equips women with the knowledge and skills to challenge and overcome societal norms that perpetuate gender inequality.

Possible tasks:

-Educational workshops teaching skills like cooking, baking, handicrafts,etc.

-Support in subjects like computer literacy, art, math,English.

-Emotional and self-esteem support.

-Cooking for the girls at home.

-Creating educational material.

Keys aspects

  • Availability: The project is available year long and due to the nature of the work, it
    only accepts female volunteers.
  • Program Duration:4-24 weeks
  • Location: Cusco.
  • Schedule: 7 am to 3 pm.Monday to Friday.
  • Volunteers must present a background check.
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