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A fantastic learning experience

This experience exceeded my expectations! I came with the goal to help others with their English and to improve my Spanish and I feel I have done both of those.  Learning some Guatemalan words with the students at my school, and teaching them some Irish slang, was really funny!

At weekends, I had loads of free time to travel, going to different parts of Guatemala and even visiting other countries! The programme is well organized in that it gives you a lot of rewarding work to do but also a lot of time to relax and do your own thing.

Being placed near the city of Antigua (only 20-30 minutes away) was fantastic. You can’t get bored of that place! There is so much to do there, and you can easily book trips from the travel agencies there.

The staff at the organization Inlexca are incredibly helpful. The doors of their office are always open and they are willing to help in any way! I would 100% recommend this learning experience to others.