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Amazing experience!

I had a great experience volunteering in Costa Rica. I have met incredible people and the two coordinators (Tania & David) of the program have been amazing. The host family has been also perfect. 

As regards the project I have been working with people with disabilities in the Universidad de San José, helping them to enhance their oral expression skills. Comparing to previous volunteering experiences (and despite this has been the shorter period – just 2 weeks!) this has been the time that I have felt more useful for the people I have worked with. And also the best local NGO/coordinators (Integrated Learning Experiences – Volunteer

Abroad) I have met! Staying with the family facilitates also a more complete experience and sharing the same mother tongue has allowed me to connect more with local people. I had the chance to meet other volunteers, to cook local food, to know other host families, travel around this beautiful country, etc. Nothing to complain about! .