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Costa Rica Intensive

3 months I lived in Costa Rica, 2 ½ months of this time I worked as a volunteer in a welfare project in San Ramon, a nice town with a pleasant climate northwest of San José. First of all, I can say that the stay was an extraordinary and wonderful experience for me.

The support before the trip by my host organization and in Costa Rica by INLEXCA I found to be very pleasant and supportive. Tanya, our caregiver, lovingly looked after and helped when needed. She even helped me when I was looking for Christmas presents for my host family!

The young volunteers on site were really nice, several times they tried to involve me. I really appreciated that. Especially the contact with the young volunteer in my family was extraordinarily positive for me. Nevertheless, it would have been nice, if among the volunteers there would have been some of my age. On the weekends you have time to go on excursions. And the idea of what you want to do differs slightly depending on whether you are 20 or 60 years old.

Finally, I can say that this “experiment” has been completely successful. I do not want to miss the experiences I made. Also for people of my age, such an intensive getting to know a foreign country is infinitely enriching.